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Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy Bee

I have a very busy day ahead, but I thought I'd take a moment to announce, it arrived. The book which will help launch me into my new title of Beekeeper.
I have paged through it a bit but have not sat down to actually read it yet. 

I sowed wildflowers in the unused paddock yesterday and eyed where I will put my hives next year. Mark is not so jittery now that my new venture has been put off for a year. 

Well I am off for a full day of barn work and yard work. It is a beautiful day, so far. I have a little buzzing of motivation in my veins, so I need to act before it dies away.


  1. Quick! Quick! Those little buzzings tend not to last long. :) Now there a book I should order from the library!

  2. Every time I hear you talk about the bees it makes me think of the movie - Fried Green Tomatoes, my favorite flix by the way..... anyway - the girl is a bee charmer... love it... sorry I pondered

  3. The little buzzings got me through the day! But just barely.

    I so want to be a bee charmer. It's the only thing about me that could be remotely charming.

  4. I'm thinking of all the fresh yummy honey, you'll be producing!!

    Happy reading. You sure have your mind in the right place on this venture so I am sure you'll be charming those bees from the word go.

  5. I have waited a long time to make the following comments about the bees. Having had boarders, students and family riding, horses in training, and my own personal adventures in riding, I cannot imagine introducing bees anywhere near these activities. I watched ONE bee sting a horse at a horse show and it went crazy. The rider aboard was seriously hurt and taken away by ambulance. Are the hives going to be on a different property? Sorry for asking, but I am just a little worried.

  6. That is a reasonable question. These are honey bees. They are the least aggressive bee there is. We used to have them all over the place, naturally, until about 5-6 years ago. Honey bees have been dying off, so bee keeping is becoming more necessary because of this. The bees never bothered the horses. My saddlebred gelding was stung by a wasp when I was riding him in a field many years ago. That was an interesting ride. I appreciate the concern and it is not out of bounds at all. It does sound like a strange combination, but I was loaded with them for years and they were always harmless. At the show it was either a bumble bee or a hornet or wasp, not a honey bee.

    I miss those busy bees that were always buzzing in my flowers.

  7. I had no idea there was any difference between the types of bees. Shows how little I know about bees! I was glad you didn't mind my question - I have been biting my fingernails for awhile as I pondered even asking the question.

  8. Don't worry about me, if you have something to say, you can say it. If I put myself out here in cyberspace I had better have the ability to listen to what people say! I'm not overly sensitive or thin-skinned. And it is a reasonable concern. Honey bees are tiny, I'm sure you have seen them at some time. They are all about gathering pollen and nectar.


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