Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, May 21, 2009


To be happy at home
is the ultimate result of all ambition.

Samuel Johnson

I am not a hugger. It's odd I'm not a hugger because I am certainly a bleeding heart liberal. But I am not a hugger. 

I'm not a gusher, either. If I say, 'That's great", you just got gushed at. I don't know how to talk in the upper register of my voice.

I don't have a poker face. If you are annoying me, you know it. I say it this way because I tend to be annoyed more often then not now. I believe it's a sign of the times. Nerves are at the skin, not under the skin. So curmudgeonly people such as myself are more likely to be irritated easily. I never have been a ray of sunshine.

I'm tired of knee-jerk stupid. 

I am so Minnesotan. There is nothing we enjoy more than complaining about the weather. Two days of near 100 degrees in May is too much. It's hot and dry and summer hasn't started yet. 

I have a couple dozen roses to plant. I think it seemed like a good idea when it was just an idea during the dreary month of March, as I was waxing nostalgic about tending my gardens. Now it's lunacy in May. Not only do I need to plant them but I have to prepare the beds for their little tootsies to rest in. So a bunch of bare roots are soaking in buckets waiting for my inaction to kick into action. Oh my, that's pressure.

I am, I believe, an idiot. I deemed it a good idea to make a pie. In 100 degree weather. Turning on the oven in 100 degree weather. Don't put me in charge of anything, as it is obvious I am not capable of making a wise decision. 

I have 90, yes 90 gladiola bulbs to plant. I don't know where I will plant them. I get carried away sometimes. 90, oy. I think I need a stiff drink. Or two. Refer to the prior paragraph.

I think a number I heard yesterday may be of some interest. 428%. The profit attained by the health care insurers from 2000 - 2007. I already knew this intuitively, since our monthly premium has increased by 100% in the past 4 years. I think this is something to ponder.

Oh, and the pie is good.


  1. I am you - squared. I am not a hugger, but I would like to be. I am a bleeding heart liberal.
    I don't have a poker face. I pretty much call a spade a "spade". Luckily, it takes a lot to get me annoyed - but I embarrass the crap out of Mr. Britwife at the stores if my dander is up. I will complain - loudly about things.
    Can't grow roses here in the valley. Too darn cold. Even with 90 degree days in May!
    I'm not a curmudgeon - but I know one. My father. I love him dearly - and I let his curmudgeonyness (nice word!) go in one ear and out the other. Somehow our personalities work well together.
    I beat you on gladiolas. Menards had a sale on them a few weeks back and I bought 180 of them. I have no idea where to plant them. I have 60 in the ground so far....now I am looking puzzled at the rest of them.
    I used the oven yesterday too. Idiot! But I made salisbury steak - not pie. Pie would've been better. :)

  2. 180? OMG, you are crazier than I am. What is it about we libs that we aren't demonstrative?

    I haven't had salisbury steak since I was a kid. My mother would make it regularly. Now I want some. It's cool today, hmmmm.

  3. You're both mad! Why would anyone want that many gladis? But then I am a hugger & I'm no bleeding heart liberal. I waffle & I shouldn't be left in charge of anything because I will stare at it vaguely while it burns or something thinking high minded Celtic thoughts. lol. I have been known to cook in 100degree heat because my household insists on being fed & *There's icecream in the fridge* does not seem to fit the bill. I tend to like curmudgeons. I keep one or two as pets & curiosity pieces.

  4. You and Britwife are Minnesotans through and through. Bleeding heart liberals? I never got that from either. Now if you both don't know what to do with the glads...I'l send over my address. I'd use the dog and hubs to dig holes...keep 'em busy for many hours...they could stay out of my hair for a couple fo hours! Have fun playing archeologist this weekend!
    BTW, our rhubarb is finally up...and I did bake a yummy cream cake with it yesterday...in the AM ;D. Pie sounds good to me.

  5. I think everyone should complain about the weather now and again. I think it’s healthy.

    On the contrary about being a ray of sunshine, honesty is hard to come by these days. I always think it’s a breath of fresh air.

    Good luck with the bulb planting.

  6. Ganeida, for the life of me I don't know what I was thinking. I probably wasn't. Just acting without thought. : ( At least when you lose track you are having high Celtic thoughts....I just forget!

    Alicia, a progressive of the Paul Wellstone model. Too bad their isn't another like him, but that would go against nature. He was one of a kind. My dogs are of the useless variety, so they won't be of help. But Mark will kindly dig for me, all the while telling me I am not thinking about all the work I'm getting myself into. I can only say, it'll be alright. Uh huh.

    Liss, the thing is with 'real' Minnesotans, all we do is complain about the weather. Perhaps 6 times out of the year you will hear one of us say"nice day"! It's in the DNA. We are a somewhat morose people. ; )

  7. i purchased a similar amount of gladiola bulbs. i put them so many places i don't even remember where i planted them. it'll be like a little surprise, there among the corn and peas when they come up. because i think it was that bad...

  8. p.s. i like the sort of IM-ing that's going on in the comments (i always read them after i write mine, hence all of the p.s.-ing (is that a verb now too?)

  9. I really enjoy the IM's. It's interesting to hear from a wide-ranging and diverse set of people. How else could I have such an opportunity to converse with all of these individuals!

  10. I think you all sound like lovely people. WE as well are never happy with the weather. We are getting about the same as you after a rather late start this year and yesterday I heard it,"It's so hot". And so it starts!


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