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Friday, May 1, 2009

Smile, You'll Feel Better

An Ode to Dog Hair

O' scattered puff of fluffy stuff.
O' plentiful share of doggie hair.
I sweep you up and toss you away,
Knowing well you return by end of day.

The End
: )


  1. LOL...same with the horse hair, eh? You're a poet, too!!

  2. oh that is just nasty! Saying that, I need to also say - I just swept up and picked up, mopped up and vacuumed up about 5 times that much from my pom and two cats.... it is never ending! I swear they should be bald by now!

  3. It's surprising the things I can come up with while I'm watering horses!

    I'm down two dogs in 4 months. I think I will see a difference in the hair. We'll blame it on the cat.

  4. Nope. I've got a double coated cat in a sub~tropical climate. You should see how much fur flies when *he* moults! Maybe you should consider changing jobs & start publishing your poetry ~ or do you need to be mucking out stalls for the muse to flow?

  5. I have some of my finest thoughts in the barn. If I didn't have so much trouble remembering them from one stall to another you would all believe me a genius! Or a fool. : )

  6. OH! You got a new dog? What's his name? :)

    (I always say that when we sweep up the dog or rabbit hair. "Look! We got another dog!")

  7. Well, with that little bit of fluff, how about 'Tiny". : )

  8. LOL just substitute cat in there for my house. It is never ending.

  9. I used to save my dog hair for mine and my mother's garden (keeps the rabbits at bay) Since I had a GSD I had plenty extra, so it was used to stuff a couple of pillows and also drum heads. Now with my wonderful dog gone to a better place, i still have a pillow to lay my head on. Drum heads filled with his fur are singing all over Turtle Island, a beautiful legacy for an awesome partner.

  10. Aw, you made me smile. I never cease to be amazed and how much fur (cat and dog) gets picked up every time I vacuum. I put it out for the birds, blithely assuming they want pretty fur lined nests.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way...I found yours through Alicia's...

    I love the random threads of connection these blogs make. Being down two dogs in 4 months is hard. A year and a half ago I lost two dogs in one month--my elderly lab, who was 16 and ready to go, and a young rescue who should not have had to leave me, but had an accident and spinal injuries too severe to let her stay. She went first; I keep consoling myself Buddy went to keep her safe.

    I still have Champ, a pitbull. I'm supposed to call him a Staffordshire Terrier so as not to alarm everyone. He too was a rescue.

  11. The birds do use it. They grab the horse hair as fast as they can get it. I leave it piled up for them and off it goes! My almost 15 yr. old yellow lab Bill died in Dec. He was the best dog. He's the dog that peed on Atlas. I should say, at Atlas. Bill never could hit what he was aiming at. I'm down to an alfa female 5 yr. old greyhound and and a 2 yr. old basset. Good grief! Anybody who knows anything, knows Staffordshire Terriers are Pits. Those poor dogs have not been treated well.

    Drum heads filled with dog hair. For some reason I find that wonderful. It simply makes me smile.

    I have found the blogosphere to be amazing. There are so many interconnecting threads.


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