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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Foliage, Flowers & Dirt Under The Fingernails

I have been very busy trying to cram a lot into a short few days. Spring has not been cooperative, too cold, then too hot and always too dry. We have been having a worrisome change in our climate and it isn't something I want to see. But that isn't the story. I spent the day in the nursery and the garden. I need to go back tomorrow, but I got everything that I bought today planted. So I turned this.....

into this,

and this.

I had the help of Howard & Grace.
Mark's idea of gardening.
I planted a few items in this small plot. I have garlic coming up, some lettuce showing itself, zucchini & chives.
Heirloom tomatoes & peppers, several different basil, two heirloom eggplant, some carrots & lemon cucumber.
The iris are blooming. I wish they went all season.

When we were finished for the evening I started the grill & made turkey wild rice & cranberry bratwurst accompanied by potato salad & baked beans. A nice early summer day. More ahead tomorrow.
Now we really need rain. Not only for my yard and gardens, but for the horse's pasture and hay. Please rain.


  1. please please send some rain down there... the clouds are swirling over my head up here, but only serving to make the day unmotivational - no moisture.

  2. I've spent the week in the garden too. Your flowers are gorgeous....and that Howard is killing me with his cuteness! I could just smooch on him all day. (It's amazing that you can get anything done with him around.)
    Dinner sounds great.

  3. Well I'm sure Howard and Grace were very "helpful."

    Your flowers and garden look great! Someday, I will have a big garden.

  4. Looks great to me! We need rain here too...the farmers couldn't get into the field for all the moisture and now just can't get enough. Feast or famine! Dinner sounds yummy...so summer!

  5. Too much sun today. I had to quit by 6:30. Mark is picking up Papa Murphy Pizza for dinner. But I am getting there. I got the gladiola bulbs planted! It took a large part of the day preparing the bed and then planting. But they are in, at least those that Howard didn't dig up trying to make himself a bed. : ) Another week and I should be done with this.

  6. I think Mark has the right idea...but then the garden wouldn't look 1/2 so nice. Choices huh? Howard & Grace at least show enthusiastic. Kudos for that.;D I am still trying to get my head around your climate. I know it's true...I just can't imagine dealing with it. Here, have some of our rain because this is our dry season & it just shouldn't be here. I think it got lost or something...

  7. Ganeida, I have lived here my whole life and I can't wrap my head around it either. We just keep doing, I guess.

    Sandra, I've got a storm here, looks like we are getting some rain! (But the South is getting the majority of it)

  8. This sound like a perfect way to spend a spring day. I love gardening and outdoor cooking and your garden looks lovely. I find there is a lot of personal satisfaction in planting a garden. I would like to grow my own basil and tomatoes this year, I have parsley, chives, mint, rhubarb and a small lemon tree.

  9. I can understand how someone living in a subtropical climate would not understand how someplace can be in subzero temperatures and before you know it be hot and humid. I've lived here most of my life, so what does that say! No rain here.

    Liss, I experienced a feeling of true happiness after I planted the vegetables. It was the strangest thing, but I felt happy. I am going to put in more basil, I use a lot of it.


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