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Sunday, February 7, 2010


The dog variety.

I know those of you in the eastern section of the US & Canada don't want to see snow, but just look past it to the dogs! My dogs love snow. Grace is ready to pounce on Howard, another favorite thing.

Howard is a Snow Hound. He runs his sniffer along in the snow as he walks along. I guess the snow must bring up some wonderful smells.

We are in the path of a three day snow event, which will leave us somewhere around one foot of light fluffy stuff. Nothing like the heavy wet snow the east got.

It's a long day in the barn today. It's been temperate in MN lately, so being out for the day is not a bad thing. I'll leave the cuteness of the pups and get to work. Yes I will.


  1. Wow! I never new a greyhound to enjoy the snow! And without a coat!

  2. we've had loads of snow this year, but i'm ready for it to melt and disappear. and our cat really hates it. it offends her dainty sensibilities. :-)

  3. Grace is smart & Howard is just plain cute! This is how I like my snow. Pretty ~ & a long, long way away from me! ☺

  4. These pictures are a winter wonderland . If it's going to be winter, then this is how it should look.

    Although thinking about the sap running is a good thing too.

  5. gsc, I've had greyhounds since 1992 and they have all liked the snow and did not like to wear coats. Grace is very robust about snow! I've not even tried to blanket her!

    Queen, I know : )

    julochka, remember back to your Dakota days and be happy. I think spring comes sooner in Denmark!

    Ganeida, you are so right about that! Grace is smart and naughty. And Howard....what can you say? Cute!

    Elizabeth, thanks. They are my kids.

    Deb, we have had a snow deficit for several years. This is more like a normal winter. It's snowing now and heading east. Get out the shovels.

  6. Your pups are adorable...living where you do, they HAVE to love snow. I know what you mean about getting off the property. Sometimes my car stays parked for days.

    Please don't send your snow east! We have plenty.

  7. Given the amount of time you spend in the weather, when you actually LIKE the weather I think you should enjoy it. :)

    Sorry I missed your call back on Saturday - I was taking a nap ha! I still want to hear all about the WFAS...

  8. I find both the dogs and the snow interesting but then again I don't live where it snows and have probably seen less snow in my life that you get in one winter.

  9. Lori, It helps. The dogs love to play in the white stuff. And I like watching them. : )

    J, I like this better then hot & humid. I can't take it.

    Liss, I imagine this is foreign stuff to you!


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