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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Crazy

Grace wants everyone to know she's no stinkin' wimpy Greyhound!

Just try to put a coat on me.........

I'm fast.......

He's not, but he can use his ears to fly.

I'm sneaky........


And tough!

Leave him in the dust, every time.

I am Grace.

And he is not.

I am Grace Greyhound and I ROCK.

The End.


  1. Your other dog is very brave to even be in Grace's vicinity as she shows off in the snow! She looks a little scary when her teeth are bared!!

    You could write a children's book about this cute pair. They are so different, and as your text implies have very different approaches to life - based on the bodies they were born with.

    You must have a hoot watching the two of them.

  2. That is Grace's 'happy face'! She can't help having a long pointy snout and great big teeth. : ) She is very fast and could have been a racer, but this is the only Greyhound I have owned from a puppy. She is from show lines. I got her at 4 mos., her owner put an ad online because the 4 mo. Grace was too much for the toy chihuahua the woman had. Grace gave him a hernia from pouncing on him. She has met her match in Howard!

  3. I love the contrast Grace's coat makes against the white snow. You've captured her beauty in motion well. They two dogs look like they are having sooooo much fun. Is this new snow you've gotten? Whew!

  4. And so she is Grace! Great fun in the pics! Grace must learn to understand that your other doggy is a little closer to the ground or snow that she is. LOL

  5. Great! Love the snarling face!

  6. Grace and Howard are a great pair. She is rough and he can take it. He's lived here since he was 6 weeks old, so he grew up knowing about Grace. He knows how to calculate his moves against her! He is a tactician.

  7. at least someone is enjoying the snow. me, i'm pretty sick of it. :-)

  8. me too, but at least the temps have been in the twenties.

  9. I am Grace.
    And he is not.

    I laughed until I peed myself. :)


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