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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Of Syrup & Societies

Horticultural Society today. This session is a collaboration with the Historical Society and will be about maple syrup production in Mound. Who knew Mound was the epicenter of syrup production at one time.

Off the farm twice in the span of a week. I do believe this is a record! Perhaps I will be lifted from my glum mood. I should not watch Bill Moyer before going to bed.

Have a good day. Stay warm.


  1. I hear ya about being off the farm. I'm going to begin my hibernation for the next week -- right now it's mud you sink into, but starting tomorrow it will be snow 6-12 inches deep. I think I'd rather have the snow than the mud.

    Beautiful photo Sandra... is that your front porch? Looks like the kind of porch you want to sink into with a sweet glass of ice tea! :)

  2. I hope you enjoyed yourself Sandra...I'm finding the longer I am away from socializing...the less I want to rejoin! ...Is there a hermit society?

  3. You go and then come back and tell us. When I used to go to meetings like that and got bored or found it a bit too...cliqueish for my taste, I would work this first chapter of a novel in my head and that got me through. We were all a part of it until the bell sound. Of course I never got a chance to write the second chapter. Like Debra I belong to a secret Hermit Society. Have a fun weekend, dear.

  4. Oz Girl, it is my porch. Or as I like to call it, my verandah. Sounds so much more grand!

    Debra, I would be the president of that society. I'm not away from here often.

    Allegra, fortunately this is a new organization so it has not become rooted in stodginess. They are actually welcoming of new members, imagine that! I feel inspired to keep my gardens better than I have done. I looked back through your blog and saw photos of your garden. It is a sight to behold. I have a few antique roses, they do well at surviving my neglect!

  5. Me too! Glum I mean. I know we need the moisture, but I am so sick of the rain!

  6. I did not go anywhere this past week while on this stupid 'cleanse' thing. Tomorrow I go to my grandaughter's second skating competition, out for lunch and then off to shop at my favorite art supply store - so I can stay home and paint next week between clients.

  7. Me again. Wanted to ask if you have heard from Alicia...she said she was back and then has not posted for about a month....I saw you left a comment on her last post too - and thought perhaps you two might have some email communication?

  8. Queen, enjoy the rain while you get it in Vegas.

    Bonnie, I don't have any communication with Alicia. Someone is approving the posts, so I don't know what is going on. It makes me worried. I hope she is just busy.

    I feel for you during this cleanse period. I would not be able to do this. Probably because I don't want to. When you feel great afterward you can say "told you so" to me.

  9. Would you be interested in emailing me the information on the maple syrup meeting? If at all possible, I would LOVE to come, perhaps even join.... I am not sure about that though. Thanks my friend!

  10. lucky, I didn't pick up any of the info. If you would like to come to the next session let me know.

  11. I've got you beat. I left the farm THREE times this week.
    Once to venture into Stillwater to go to Kohl's (we got the 30% off golden ticket and didn't let it go to waste!).
    Once to the kids' school.
    And once....oh wait. Nevermind, that was last week. I guess I did only leave the property twice. :)


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