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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow, Pears & Granny

Can't wish it away!

At least a fresh dusting cleans it up.

The girls aren't impressed with me.

Although it's another gray morning it is warmer, 12 Fahrenheit. Life on the farm is uneventful, thankfully.

I had a strange experience yesterday. I was in the grocery store, putting pears into the bag provided for produce and fruit. The bottom of the bag split and the pears tumbled to the ground. As I was about to pick them up, a forty-ish woman rushed to help me. She was very solicitous toward me, picking up the fruit, getting a new bag and placing the fruit into the bag for me. I was surprised, but pleased that someone could be so kind. But something seemed vaguely familiar in how she was responding to me. Then it clicked.....she was treating me the way that is common to treat an elderly person who needs help!

Now this is a conundrum. I know I don't look that old. I must have appeared befuddled, which would not surprise me. I am often. Regardless of the initial surprise, I was left with a lovely feeling. This is an age group that tends to be rude and careless toward others. It's been my experience at least. She was a shining beacon of hope for the future, as they will be the people caring for us when we are actually old. I have shuddered at the thought, but this kind woman tells me I needn't fear.

Now, I need to work on my 'outside face'. I can't stumble-bumble around in public like a lost soul, I need to concentrate! If I listen really hard I can hear my horses laughing out loud.


  1. Oh yea, I've been there. In my case it seems to be tied into my gray or 'au naturel' hair. Our society seems to think that if you don't color you must be ancient. I was 38 the first time a sales clerk asked if I was my daughter's grandmother or if I wanted the senior discount. I'm glad that you were able to laugh about it and find hope and comfort in it. Do I sense a bruised pear pie in our future...I can smell it already...pictures please.

  2. ...or maybe she was just really nice lady. LOL!

  3. I'm glad you found gratitude and hope in there.
    My kids are starting to joke about my wrinkles and forgetfulness.
    It's a bit sobering.

  4. Oh yes Debra, I am gray! And a bit older and overweight. How can you be upset over someone being kind, even if she did see me as an old lady!

    Judy, I believe she is a nice lady. Some people would have walked right by, even if I had been old and infirm.

    deb, it's easier to smile about if then be depressed!


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