Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grey & White

I guess this is why I live here. 

There is something amazing about living somewhere that changes it's landscape seemingly overnight. In a couple of months there will be apple blossoms on my craggy old tree. For now we have hoar frost and snow. It has its own beauty.

Forty-nine states have snow on the ground this morning. Hawaii is the exception. We in the upper northern tier are prepared for this and know what to do with it. It's a mess for most of these states and a big expense. More on the way. But they will still see the apple blossoms before we do!


  1. How beautiful in a sombre sort of way. The frost on many of those branches looks like fine lace. Exquisite.

    And then ... the promise of Spring.

    Thanks. :)

  2. Really, Sandra, your eye is amazing!

    The temperatures are perfect here, this morning.

    But I am inside watching the scottsdale show live feed on iequine.com. Hopefully, I will be able to remove myself and get some outside time.

  3. I wish you could see it. It's breathtaking. The trees are in a shroud of lace. We get this often, but this is amazing.

    So you'll have to post about Scottsdale. It is a spectacle, no doubt!

  4. Yes, I was walking by a spot that looked like any other, covered in snow, and remembered that this unsuspecting area was where the fragrant tiny wild violets grow every spring. If I hadn't seen them and smelled them for myself I never would have guessed.
    Beautiful photographs. I always I admire the autumn ones on your sidebar when I visit. :)
    xo country girl

  5. It does my soul good to see those photos. They have a sense of magic that very few things can bring to mind. Thank you for sharing this Sandra. Today is specially soothing, particularly after yesterday.

  6. Fabulous.
    Yesterday we had the most incredible ribbons of blue and grey swirling around in the sky.
    sometimes we just need to look.

  7. That close-up is spectacular. We have been treated to a lot of hoar frost this year, but this morning was extra special.

  8. country girl, I have maple tree and they are spectacular in the fall. They put on an amazing show.

    Allegra, I'm sorry you were hurt yesterday and I'm glad my trees helped make you feel better. I love my trees. Odd, but I do, so I am glad they brought magic.

    deb, isn't that the truth. Just look and be amazed.

    Jean, wasn't it grand! I felt as if I were in a land of ice and lace. Absolutely beautiful.

  9. Beautiful!! Oh yes...looking forward to spring.


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