Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shallow Thoughts

I half expected to have a repeat of yesterday's surprise this morning. I literally stood at the window peering intently for a glimpse of the magic. No such luck.

Minnesota girl Lindsey Vonn got her gold. She had the magic yesterday. From Buck Hill ski slopes to gold in Vancouver. That has to be magic.

It's another lovely day in the frozen land. I cross my fingers that winter's brutal edge is past and we can get a break...........please. My waistline really cannot handle much more of this long winter. Yesterday I made Dawn's oatmeal cookies. I also ate my weight in Dawn's oatmeal cookies. This has been a winter not only of my discontent, but of eating my way through the internet! Flour has strewn across my baking table the whole winter long.

It's been a long time since I have sat down to write my Thursday's rambling thoughts. I think it's because my mind isn't rambling about much of late. It is winter, I'm not active in much of anything that can stimulate the brain. Mostly I have been active in what stimulates the appetite. See how I come right back to that. Oh, my.

Today I believe I shall actually attempt to accomplish something. I have had two weeks of wanton laziness and it is beginning to feel very comfortable to me. Leisure sure does feel good, when you can get it. With that said, I will get my ever increasing duff out of the chair and get to work. I'll leave you with another image of better days ahead.


  1. Spring WILL COME....we just have to keep repeating that to ourselves. :)
    I was considering baking up another batch of oatmeal cookies...the recipe is so great...i miss them now that the cookie jar is empty.
    My husband has been filming Lindsey Vonn's career (and private life) for over a year now for her sponsor, Red Bull, so we are of course thrilled that she has done so well! She really deserves it, she's an amazing person, so driven and passionate, and very friendly, too.
    Sorry I'm so bad for your waistline...I've been getting a few complaints...I can't help it, when I find something delicious I have to share it! :)

  2. What a small world it is we live in! Lindsey learned to ski on puny slopes in Burnsville, MN before the family took her to the mountains of CO. And you in Austria know her and have a connection. What a world!

    I am not complaining, simply bemoaning my lack of discipline.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful reminder of things to come. With all of the snow around here I needed that.

  4. Grab that camera and off you go for a nice relaxing stroll! Find a good trail, take a snack ad a drink. Enjoy some me time! Congratulations on the Gold for Lindsey Vonn. She was spectacular!

  5. see you over at dawn's and had to stop by...and I find a horse lover...i had horses for years..i love to ride too....

    your photographs are just beautiful...as is your blog...

    i'll be back soon.

  6. If you need some sunshine, stop by my blog there is plenty of tropical sunshine down here for the both of us! : ) I myself am looking forward to FALL!!!

  7. Well it has rained all summer here ~ & flooded; which is a good thing as it has ended the drought but I think the season has turned before we've seen much of the sun at all. Not trading though. I've seen how much snow is lying in your yard.

  8. We in the northern hemisphere are yearning for spring. Ashley and Ganeida are looking forward to some relief from their HOT weather. It's a big world. : )


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