Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Friday, May 7, 2010

All Things Green

We are having a beautiful soft, soaking rain. It has put me in a pleasant mood and I feel as grateful as the things green on the farm. Usually I show the bursts of color that I have worked diligently to have and enjoy. Today I went out in the life-giving rain and captured some moments in time of the green.

There is a thing green in the background, but I could not resist showing how disrespectful the birds have been to the cherub. I know he is there for their pleasure, but I mean, really.

I love my wild violets, even though they can be invasive. They can invade here all they wish to do.

Mark will be home today. I have had a week of quiet solitude; me and the dogs. And Margaret the Cat. I have enjoyed my time alone, as I will enjoy the company he brings when he returns. I wouldn't want to make a life of it, but some time alone is a welcome thing.

I am going to try very hard to leave the ignore button alone today. I really need to concentrate on returning order to my living space. I do not need to start a fire which will crackle invitingly, tempting me to sit with a book in my comfortable chair while it rains and the day slips away. No, I won't do this. I won't.


  1. It is so hard not to sit with a good book, a cup of tea and listen to the sound of the rain...wow, I am relaxed already!
    My sister is still here, so today we will go for a drive, to stalk horses. Well actually there are several places I like to go and visit horses. I am in need of a fix!

  2. So beautiful! you did a really nice job showing green! You will feel better when the work is done!

  3. Hey - how's the fire ... and the book ... and the rain on the roof?

    Love all things green. So LUSH!

  4. Judy, you need a horse. Just keep repeating this message.

    Lorac, the voice of reason. I don't know if I would feel better, but it does need to be done. The green is easy to show, as there is so much of it!

    Bonnie, no fire, no book. A little work inside and I'm caramelizing onions to accompany the seared pollack I intend to make for dinner. I'd rather cook than clean.

  5. I love green on green, we have soo much of it! ☺ I hope you lit the fire & sat peacefully with a good book. The housekeeping will keep; that's why it's called housekeeping. ☺

  6. isn't there just something about how the green is suddenly so magnificent this time of year, after the right amount of sun and rain. Love fern unfurling.

    We have more birds than ever , and I'm torn between feeling a little less than suburbia locked, and already getting tired of rinsing off the patio furniture, and pool surround. sigh.... kids, animals, invading plants, :)

  7. OH! Look at all that luscious, luscious green...such an abundance of plants too...what a garden! Can't wait to see the blooms too! Ferns, I miss ferns. I had a fern garden in my last home. No way I could grow them here in the desert south west...sigh....But I'll be showing you an enormous cacti soon...it's over 6' tall! Blessings today Sandra.

  8. I am amazed at how far ahead you are from us. although I am every year. Loved the rain here too- could have done without the snow though. if the sun shines tomorrow I will be mowing the day after

  9. That green is so cleansing -- I envy you the rain. We get so very little here, as you know, and while it would make me nuts to have it all the time, there's something a bit cruel about constant sun.

  10. Ganeida, Ha! Good point. It is keeping very well. : )

    deb, it has decided to be unseasonably cool in these parts. Puts a damper on all the happy feelings!

    Deb, I look forward to the cacti. A great word, cacti!

    Jules, we live in the same state but sometimes it may as well be different planets! You are waaaay up there.

    Elizabeth, I used to long for your weather but I realize I need green. Unfortunately it comes with extreme cold. In MN anyway.


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