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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Musings on Howard, Grace & Deeds Not Done

Home is where the doggie bed is.
Howard B. Hound
We are having a housebound afternoon; the wind is howling like a banshee. Howard makes himself comfortable in the bed he inherited from my wonderful old dog Bill. I braved the wind to pick lilac blooms, as I will be lucky if anything survives after being blown about with such force. My intention was to take a photo of the flowers, but I couldn't leave Howard out of the picture. Howard's only care in life is that food should arrive in his dish on time. This, I think would be a fine life.

It feels as if we will be swept up and taken to Oz. I wonder what I would ask the wizard for? I have a heart, courage and a brain. Perhaps I would ask for wisdom. Could I ask for worldwide wisdom? If so, I think that would be my request. I believe I could complete whatever quest I was set upon if I felt this would be the end result.

I do live in a house. I know I spend my time in a barn, in gardens and on a lawn tractor; I do indeed have walls around me that also need my infrequent attention. They need frequent attention, but it is doled out infrequently. I am not much interested in keeping a house. I think of it as a large dog house, as they make themselves at home wherever they find comfort. Gracie Greyhound, blurring the edges of acceptability. She knows she's not supposed to be there, but the consequences are not sharp enough to discourage a determined dog. 
Today I have tried to set my mind to the household tasks I so dutifully ignore, but find the ignore button is so easily reached and then pushed that I get nowhere, fast. The wind howls, the house shakes and I scratch a dogs ears, stare at the swaying spruce and wonder what I will do for dinner. The piles of dog hair that swirl at my feet simply disappears from my myopic line of vision. 

The house is quiet. The wind is pounding at the windows, seeking a way into the stillness of the room. Howard has moved from his bed to the stuffed chair in my office, his other bed. He is my constant companion, my good boy. It is becoming apparent to me that I will once again waste my time scratching Howie's belly, watching the wind pound the trees and telling Grace to get off the sofa. Dust will not be dusted, floors will not be swept. And I, if the truth is told, will not care.


  1. I share your sentiments-----it is just that kind of a day. I think Malcolm & I may just take a nap on the couch!

  2. lol Love this post! ♥ Captures a wild'm'wet day perfectly. Enjoy scratching Howie's belly.

  3. Scratching a dog's belly is good for your soul and anything that ails you...just ask Howard!

    I finally gave Stumpy her own chair, when it was clear she was going to get up on whatever furniture she desired. @ years of scolding later, she finally keeps to her chair. Of course, she has a chair in every room, plus a pillow or bed. Currently, I am resisting the urge to let the Berner have the couch.

    Your home is gorgeous!

  4. It must be in the air, I started the day doing laundry - it was raining.
    Then stopped for a bit and of course I went outside. The tomatoes are shivering and I feel like honestly I need to knit little sweaters for the poor things. Began to rain again.
    Back inside and tried to get to do the same as you were planning, 2 dogs and 1 cat sure leave souvenirs of a "hairy" nature about. Brought the vacuum upstairs (we have 3 vacuums in this house one for each floor and one for the back, which may explain why I needed to carry the upstairs vacuum from downstairs, right?) UPS rang the doorbell and from there on I was downstairs the rest of the morning.

    Urgent emails from some friends took a while to answer after finding urls for them to go looking for what they were asking. Now it is mid afternoon and I have yet to vacuum. To heck with the whole business, I am going to cook something exotic to get off this mood. Some days the weather is like a miserable, moody lover I swear, and at least for me, trying to stay with the program is a losing proposition.
    I love your dogs, btw. They both look like they own the place, which I am sure they do. Have you noticed that yet?

  5. Love the floors! And the light fixtures. And windows. I need more light...

  6. Jean, we are simpatico. I hope you and Malcolm enjoyed your nap!

    Ganeida, it's a big blow, that's for sure. I don't like going out in it.

    gsc, I scratch bellies and ears too much, but what are you going to do. There they are. Grace has her own sofa, but you know what they say about forbidden fruits! Grace is not one to miss an opportunity. : ) Funny how the house looks better in the photo. The lens elongates it. It is a large room, but not as big as the photo makes it appear. And the dust does not show in the photo. Sort of like having my well-used blinders on!

    Allegra, if you knit tomato sweaters, please let me be the first to see them. I used to have 6 house dogs and two cats. Now 2 dogs and 1 cat. Why does it seem as if there is the same amount of hair? I got laundry done, that's it.

    Queen, there is a lot of light, all the better to see the dust and dog hair with, on those dark floors! I bought that fixture when I was 26 years old. It had to be converted to wire, which I had done. I have taken it to every home I have lived in. I like it as well, not too gaudy, just enough bling.

  7. Sandra, what a beautiful room. I love all of the french windows (or are they doors?), the hardwood floor and the delicate crystal chandelier...the lilacs look lovely on the round table. I think scratching Howard's belly should never be considered a waste of time. Grace looks very regal on her red satin throne.

  8. I'd love to join for a coffee there, in that light, breathing in the lilacs, and sighing over the dogs life.

    and I think you are a good steward of time.

  9. You have an 'ignore button' too! I think I have obsessive-compulsive disorder as I can't stop pushing it, when it comes to housework.

    Looked like one of those in-the-house afternoons that a lot of people might dream about ....

  10. Deb, the middle is a door, the flanking are windows. Nothing which includes Howard & Grace is a waste of time. Sometimes a waste of effort though!

    deb, I ebb & flow with my stewardship of time. Today, completely wasted the day away. Sometimes it is necessary, but it still tugs at me a bit. BTW, I can put the coffee on anytime you want to come to the States. : )

    Oh Bonnie, I can ignore lots. And do. It was a really windy day. Understatement. It was crazy windy.

  11. Great post! I also embrace the furballs.


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