Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Friday, May 14, 2010

So It Shines

And there is light! Finally the rain has stopped and the sun has made an appearance.

I saw the light on these trees and couldn't resist. I suppose it drew me in because there hasn't been anything but rain and then more rain for four long, cold, dreary days. 

The potted hibiscus are blooming in their sheltered, secure position on the veranda. They have been the sole bright spot over these wet, overcast days. A touch of the tropics in Minnesota.

Margaret the Cat keeps a close eye on what I am doing. She has escape plans and looks for the opportunity every time it arises. She is clever and determined, but she doesn't leave home on the occasions when she has escape success. She comes like a dog when called. Well, not like my dogs, they don't come when called. So Margaret is better trained than the dogs!

How about a little food talk. Baked crab and asparagus. 

Things have been dull on the farm. I am not creative enough to pull things out of my hat. I need stimulation. Without activity and events, I find myself becoming dim.

Off I go. The day will be busy. Hopefully the sun has come out wherever you are.


  1. All that rain will bring amazing greens! I want to see hibiscus on my porch!

    Crab and asparagus? REALLY? So cruel...

  2. I never experience you as dim. Glad you are finally seeing some sun. Soak it up!

  3. gsc, it is very green and really saturated. Last night's dinner was good!

    Ah Bonnie, my bulb flickers. I plan to spent the day outside. Get me some vitamin D.

  4. Me too with the sunshine, it's lovely, and the camera is in my pocket. Your food looks delicious, I have hibuscus seeds sprouted from my sister, a cat similar to yours and feel mighty dim myself. Thanks for the smile and sharing the sun love. Have a great weekend.

  5. Sandra: I have a thing for the way light falls along tree leaves. Here, not so much the dappled light but as if they'd been airbrushed with gold glitter ~ especially the edges! I love watching your world come to life after its winter. [Arm nearly better so I am giddily commenting everywhere!☺]

  6. I am so glad you see the sunshine to day..we on the other hand have had numerous thunderstorms,my weather radio has gone off 12 times today! Middle Tenn. does not need more rain!

    Ok, I really need to loose a few pounds (well more than that actually) so stop it with the yummy food already!

  7. MMM... How do you make that baked crab and asparagus? Feel like sharing the recipe?

  8. Mel, hurrah for sunshine, warm temps and cameras!

    Ganeida, I really started to notice light when I started snapping so many photos. My world must seem very foreign to you. So glad you are better after the cat caused fall.

    Judy, I'm so sorry for TN. I hope water isn't getting into your house. I think I give up on losing weight. I like food too much.

    Lorac, I'll be glad to give you the recipe. I'll check for email on your blog, otherwise send me one and I'll reply with the recipe.

  9. so it does shine,
    well , it's mixed today, but better.
    what a difference, everything is showing off and vibrant.

    and I my ramblings, well , I wouldn't want to make you feel any sort of less than. seriously. I am the confused one. and the never want to step on toes one.

  10. I'm sorry that things have been dull for you on the farm. It's funny, because before I came to that part of your post, I was thinking how I'd love to be indoors a bit while it's actually raining. As you know, it almost never rains here, and I'm sad that it probably won't until next fall. I miss that melancholy rain feeling (but only because I almost never have it, I'm sure!). Anyway, I'll trade you some dull, rainy days for some crazy, sunny ones. How about that?

    And thank you, Sandra, for all your kind comments on my blog, particularly over the last couple of days!

  11. You are so creative with your cooking. Baked crab and asparagus...delicious! Yum!

  12. crab and asparagus! that sounds heavenly.

    and i know what you mean about becoming dull without enough stimulation...i just picked up rebecca west's "black lamb & grey falcon" and realized i was totally starving for intellectual stimulation. so sometimes all it takes is a good book. :-)


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