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Monday, May 3, 2010

America's Chernobyl

Hope is toxic if you hold onto to it too long without action.
Bill Moyers

Gerald Herbert

William Colgin

Patrick Semansky

Gerald Herbert

Mark Ralston

The Supreme Court recently gave corporations full rights as human beings. That should mean full responsibility as well. Eleven people are dead. An environmental disaster of epic proportion has occurred which will ultimately result in more death of humankind, as well as the probable destruction of countless species of wildlife. It is possible for this oil to go all the way up the eastern seaboard. I think a corporate death penalty is in order. Break them up. Give Haliburton and BP the death penalty.


  1. This indeed is sad... the greedy is destroying our beautiful planet...

  2. Amen to that sister. I have been in deep mourning since this happened. I am sick and tired of feeling impotent and allowing those who believe greed to be the god "we trust".

    First it was the politicians that sold us, those desperate for hope into the idea that we were able to choose "change we can believe in" and the change they were talking about wasn't chump change but gazillions in the pockets of the thieves. I am bombarding them with emails and phone calls. This is my country and my planet and I want answers not platitudes.

  3. Horrifying. And you are so correct - rights, freedoms carry responsibilities. Corporations spend billions lobbying for their rights and interests - and then millions, excuse me - billions, hiring lawyers to help them escape their responsibilities. Time passes, the planet and life on it die ... and they invest their money to acquire rights and avoid responsibility.

    Beyond evil, this thing called greed.

  4. Amen sister. I live in that sort of ecosystem They are incredibly fragile ~ & may never recover from something like this. We have been watching the corporate bungle with absolute horror. Beyond stupidity...

  5. Sandra,
    it's beyond devasting.
    those pictures are stunning.

    and the sentiment completely understood.
    Weren't we supposed to be enlightened by transparency , by accountability. How does this still happen?

  6. Scenes like this happen far to often, what about the small spills that don't get reported. They still do damage.

    Just another case of the penalties not fitting the crime. Companies don't care, it'll happen again because they practically get a slap on the wrist.

    Yes, Law must hit them where it hurts, make them be accountable and set an example of this case so it doesn't happen again.

  7. Sandra, it's overwhelmingly sad.

    Allegra, it does wear you out though, doesn't it. I make the phone calls, but wonder how much my voice matters against so much money . It is an uphill battle.

    Bonnie, pure unadulterated evil.

    Ganeida, the potential for disaster is crushing. Strike that, this is a disaster whether it reaches the coast or not. There are millions of gallons of oil floating on the ocean. It won't just go away.

    deb, I think where it counts, nothing has changed. Maybe this will knock some sense into the heads of those who hold the power. For a little while anyway.

    Liss, you are so right. Fines and admonitions. Big deal.

    When you have no way to control the damage that can be done, you should not continue doing this thing. Oil wells in water are not controllable. Nuclear power plants are not clean. We have no real idea what to do with the waste. Yet our president included offshore drilling and more nuclear plants in his energy plan. This was so remarkably disappointing for me.

  8. This, as with so much I read and hear in the news leaves me speechless, horrified and more than anything frightened for all of us.

    I haven't patronized Exxon (nor any of it's subsidaries) since 1989, and I will do the same for BP. It's the very least I can do.

  9. And yet, gsc, after 20 years ExxonMobil got a stacked court which allowed them out of most of the restitution payments. This time will undoubtedly be no different.

  10. Oh Sandra, the harm exxonmobil has done, and continues to do, mars every facet of every life form on this planet. They are not alone, either. All i can do is try to keep up and make sure my life doesn't support their lack of respect.

  11. I found you through dear Allegra's blog.

    This is a powerful post, hard to look at, but impossible for any intelligent person to ignore. Sadly, we have turned into the United Corporations of America, and it is shameful what these greedy corporations are doing to us and the planet.

  12. gsc, we do what we can. It's so easy to feel overwhelmed into doing nothing. But to overcome the massive amount of money wielded by the few, it would need to be a groundswell rise-up. I don't see that happening. Not here, where we are so complacent and believe our country to be impervious to oligarchy. Because, you know, we have a Constitution. As if that piece of paper can do it on its' own.

    Angela, thank you for visiting. Ah, yes: government of the corporation, by the corporations and for the corporations. Full rights, no real consequences.

  13. The folly of man and the business of greed are to blame for this mess. It makes me sick. I did the labwork for hazardous and radioactive waste site clean up for a few decades, and this is beyond awful. We sure know how to make a mess of things, over and over and over, and noone's to blame, noone's accountable and we just can't learn. I'm going to go stick my nose in a flower and try not to think about this for a bit. Great post.


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