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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hum de Dum

The view out the window is wet. Wet, windy and grey. May is playing at becoming April and I think doing a job of it.

I haven't had anything to say; like the weather, I am dreary. Two cups of strong coffee and I still have no kick to me. What am I to do. I think I'll make pancakes for breakfast and not worry about it.

I don't know about you, but a stack of hot off the griddle pancakes is a treat to be enjoyed on a damp cold day in my kitchen. 

So that's all the news from here. I know there is something of interest happening somewhere in the world, but on my little patch of turf it is dreary and wet and grey and I am going to take solace in a stack of golden brown goodness. 

The End


  1. May here in Slovenia seems to think it's April, too. We went from 25 degrees C back to 15C and I switched on the heating again today. After a month or so.. to be completely honest, I am glad we are not around 30 degrees C yet:)

  2. Same here; I was looking forward to a sunny day and apparently someone forgot to tell said day that it was expected here. I have about 20 basil plants that are so ready to be planted that I think they are going to jump from the pots into the beds on their own. No hotcakes here and I even managed to burn the toast because I was reading bad news about the spill. May both, yours and my day improve.

  3. Wet here too! Talked me into pancakes for lunch!

  4. We have the same weather here south of you, dreary, wet and cold. Ugh. I've appeased myself by making little fairy moss rock garden pots and planting all the seeds I've accumulated over the years, plus a few new additions too. I'm hopeful for lots of flowers and veggies in August.
    We're supposed to have rain until the weekend, so I'll be thinking about pancakes, steel cut oatmeal, biscuits and jelly..... all my favorite comfort foods.
    Your rainy green post inspired me to stomp around my yard catching the lushness, thanks.

  5. Love pancakes...now you have my mouth watering. It is windy and cloudy today, yesterday was so cold and today is so muggy, go figure!

  6. Sandra, the whole world seems to off just a bit. I refuse to turn on the heat, so we are using space heaters. In my mind it's different. : )

    Allegra, I think I forgot to put in my weather order! I'm glad I did not jump ahead of myself and start to put in the garden. It has gotten too cold at night. The oil leak is a disaster that is going to act like a slow release weapon of mass destruction. I can't read or listen anything about it anymore. I need to get up and care for my animals and I get so depressed it's hard to do. So I'm becoming an ostrich. Our weather is supposed to improve by the weekend. *sigh*

    Lorac, I'm glad I inspired you. My pancakes were very good.

    Mel, this sounds like a great use of time when the weather is not friendly. I'm also glad to have inspired you to get some wet., green photos. It wasn't cold the day I did it, but it is today. I think I need a biscuit!

  7. Judy, how is it in TN? You've had it bad there.

  8. Wet here too ~ & today is choir day. :(

    For your amusement: Breakfast is always the hardest meal of the day for me to face so just after we were married I picked up a breakfast cook book not realising it was American. It had a terrific pancake recipe ~only not knowing what all purpose flour was [here we get plain or self~raising] I substituted with S.R., which seemed sensible. The result was a light fluffy pancake with a not quite cakey texture that my kids adore. These have become our special Christmas breakfast pancakes & although I have since learned what all~purpose flour is I still use S.R in this recipe.

  9. another cold and rainy day here too.
    I've made yet another variation of soup, heading out to freeze at soccer ( although I think I'm going to stay in my car and read, still milking that Mother's day thing and all:)

    your pancakes look delicious. I'm kind of gluten free, but my kids love them.

  10. I love rainy days and now I HAVE to have pancakes!

  11. Yum! Beautiful photo of the pancakes! Think I need to buy some real maple syrup and celebrate with some too!

  12. deb, my mom is glutten free too! We buy Pamela's mixes so she can enjoy too! The chocolate cookie mix is better than the flour recipe!

  13. It's cooled off here, some. I can appreciate that because I am not looking forward to the heat. However, the wind has been blowing like crazy and to go outside means you will be pelted with just about anything that weighs less that 25 pounds. the monsoon season doesn't begin for another month. I can't imagine.

    I'll take my pancakes without syrup, but lots of butter, please!

  14. I'm glad pancakes made everyone hungry! The weather is unusual everywhere, I think.


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