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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flowers & Food

What I meant to photograph when I got distracted by my baby, Howard. The lighting wasn't good, but I was going for the reflection in the table. I had to use the flash and it washed the lilacs out. They are the color in the reflection.

As I was pushing the ignore button yesterday, I was wondering what I would have for dinner. I was dining alone and don't like to put forth much effort for one. I had some frozen shrimp, so I made this. Saute garlic, red onion in cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Add dried basil (fresh would be good if you have it), tomato and mixed Mediterranean olives, pitted. Add shrimp, salt to taste and heat through. Serve over pasta, I used linguine. Top with chunks of goat cheese. I am the queen of easy, fast and flavorful.

I'm going to attempt something not so quick, hopefully next week. I got a top secret recipe from Allegra for ceviche. I will report on my attempt at this new venture for me in the kitchen. But the recipe is under lock & key.

We survived the gale force winds from yesterday. It's overcast and chilly, with rain on the way later. The beginning of May has not been promising. After a day in the barn, the horses will be excited to get out. Until they realize that once again it's just a patch of dirt. It won't be long before the pastures are ready for them. Poor things are bored stiff.

That's all the news fit to print.


  1. Queen's do know how to dine when alone - after all they are still Queen!

  2. Oh my the lilacs and a wonderful dinner...I would have come over!

  3. The lilac reflection is beautiful. I hate how flash washes color too, but struggle in low light to hold the darn camera still. The easy dinner you whipped up makes me feel inadequate. I must learn to use pasta more creatively. I'm so glad the winds died down here too, everything is parched.

  4. Mmmmm...now that's a feast! My 'don't feel like cooking meal' looks like peanut butter on toast! Not a pretty picture.

  5. The flowers and the food, beautiful!

  6. I adore reflections ~ & water does them so well! ☺ I like pasta too but you may keep the fishy things. I don't do seafood; any seafood. ever. [the cat food excepted as my Dearest complains; I'll do it for the cats but he's on his own.]

  7. The lilac are GORGEOUS! But that shrimp dish looks and sounds to die for! I am always looking for quickies in the recipe department so thats on the list!

    We have an ongoing, friendly ceviche contest going on around here between 5 or 6 of us. If you have a good recipe, I am interested!

  8. Ha Bonnie! I am the Queen of the simple and slapped together. : )

    Judy, I wish you could come to dinner. You would love the horses and I think they would love you.

    Mel, I am not creative, so when I try....well I shouldn't try! But I can cook some. I'm hoping for rain tonight.

    Deb, I just have to have a proper dinner. I don't feel right if I don't. Peanut butter and toast, I have that almost everyday for breakfast.

    Missy, thank you.

    Ganeida, where you live, I think it's almost criminal to not eat seafood. And you have boys with a boat. tsk, tsk.

    gsc, it takes minutes and is good. Can't beat that. I am not able to share the recipe, as it is a gift. I promised to keep it to myself and I keep my promises. I'm impressed you have a group of friends who make ceviche. I had no idea what it was. I feel so provincial. Well, I am.

  9. It is a good thing I ate because even so I was salivating at that pasta. And your Lilacs! swoon over and over again.

    Today has been a day of firing emails to god and his godmother. I thought once we took over the government I would have less to do with reminding the Senate and the rest who are the bosses here.
    Hope springs eternal and I am a dumb blond...sorry, a white hair dumb. So now I am completely saturated and ready to call it a day. Tomorrow we are supposed to have great weather, so guess who is going to be AWOL in the garden?

    But to make up for the secret recipe I will post one from a good friend's Mother in Morocco which I doctored because it was hard to find some spices around then and now I think I have forgotten the original recipe and we like this one better. Go figure!

  10. Allegra, I look forward to the recipe. Get out into the garden and away from the despair.


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