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Friday, May 21, 2010

And All Was Good

And they were content.

We have been busy readying pastures for the horses. As I have mentioned before, the mares were very destructive this past winter, chewing fence posts down to the ground. It took awhile to get that area of fencing back up, but now all is done.

Horses need to be eased onto grass in an attempt to keep them from founder and colic. Spring grass is lush and holds a lot of starch which many horses are not able to metabolize. They are almost ready to go out for the whole day, making all of us happy.

Beautiful Sophie

Babe, Iris & Sun Spot

Paternal sisters. Isabella & Queen

Topper & Ari

The rumps of Ben, Scamper & Laddy. Bounce and Bright.

Ari needs a little drink.


  1. Exquisite photos of your happy brood! I'm sooooo jealous. Although your blog has revealed all the hard work that goes into producing this glorious scene.

  2. Your horses are beautiful. They must be as happy as we are about Spring. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. I could sit and watch horses grazing contentedly in the pasture all day. Yeah, you head out to the barn and do the real work I'll keep an eye on the pastures.

    Are they out 24/7 in the good weather?

  4. Fine photographs, but the one of Babe, Iris and Sun Spot is exceptional.

  5. Beautiful photos. I am a sucker for bays and the dark bay in with the pinto is beautiful!! Of course all of the horses are gorgeous, but for some reason bays are my favorite. After all of the snow we had our fences are also chewed to bits.

  6. So much work! I'm surprised you ever have time to blog.

    A little link that may interest you. Random find but 2 things I know you enjoy: trivia & food. ☺

  7. Bonnie, they are labor intensive. It's a good thing they are beautiful or I might resent it!

    Mel, they have been getting on one another's nerves in the paddocks, so I think they are very happy to get to pasture.

    gsc, could I get you a lemonade, or perhaps a glass of wine whilst you watch the pasture. : ) The horses come in in the evening. I do have nine that stay out in open shelters.

    Dave, isn't it amazing how they were so perfectly posed! Sometimes you just get lucky.

    Jill, I used to say I should have named this place 'Nothing But Bays Farm'! She is pretty and she is for sale. : )

    Ganeida, I almost don't have time right now. I am neglectful of my blogging friends, as I can't seem to visit right now.

  8. These photos just bounce off the screen, such is the lushness of the green, the brown -- just wow!

  9. I am almost up and about and this is just what the doctor would have ordered if he understood what I truly need. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! and then some.

    You must be tired but the good tired. They are so beautiful and your place is nothing short of heaven for someone like me...in spite of the grass. But in your case it is the best thing in the world for them and so it is a blessing, not a time wasting urban "show the neighbors" thing.

    Good to be back and to be greeted by such beauty. Thank you darling, now go and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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  11. ari is lovely at the watertank.

    we've eased matilde into the grass as well, but it's coming along nicely. and she comes in with mud above her eyes every day. how do they do that?


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