Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing Bearded

Iris, that is.

They have been blooming for over a week. This was last week when they first began. 

It's already been a busy day and in a few minutes the farrier will be here. I feel sympathy for him, bending under horses in this weather. I have much to do, but I believe I lack the steam to do it. So I'll hold the horses while I talk to my farriers derriere.


  1. You got me! When I read your post title, I was thinking, "oh! I can relate to that." Not the beard (yet) I'm dealing with a 'stache. ARGH!!! My mother never warned me!

    Iris are among my favorite flowers...ok, I admit it! I love them all! Yours are gorgeous!

    How's the view?

  2. This brought a smile to my mouth -- you're so clever, my dear!

  3. No iris here but I am happy to enjoy yours. ☺ What I want to know is: does your farrier's derrier talk back?

  4. I just wish iris blooms lasted longer.
    Like most spring blooms, short and sensational.

  5. Gorgeous! Don't you love the leaves too? Blue green, strong and elegant...Purple are my favorite!

  6. gsc, you are funny! The view has improved, humidity is less, as well as the temperature. I am pleased. : )

    Elizabeth, thank you!

    Ganeida, hmmmmm. I do hear a voice. : )

    deb, isn't it true. The display is gorgeous while they are blooming. Everything is so early I wonder if there will be anything blooming in July.

    Deb, they do have great foliage. And can be dramatically purple.

  7. As I told you earlier I do have a real weakness for Irises. There are some wonderful growers here in Oregon and to go to their fields when they are open to the public is truly to walk into wonderland.

    I am still curious about the conversation with the farrier's :)

  8. I forgot to tell you about the rose.Here is the link to the only people who are now distributing his roses. He used to work with An Uncommon Rose but it just had way too many things to tend to with the e-business so he gave it up and he is only doing the creative part of making roses come alive.

    I am not certain about your zone for this rose, but I am sure you can find out by looking at the site:


    It is truly a wonderful rose and I am more than honored he named it after me of course. But Paul is a very special, kind and talented human being. Like all my friends are :)

  9. Allegra, I found it! It's in stock as bare root. It's a zone 5 rose, which is not my zone. I have had some success with roses for zone 5 when I have had them in a very sheltered area and mulched heavily in the fall. I'm going to give it a try. It's so beautiful, how wonderful it's named for you.


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