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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can I Get Out Of Here?

The thing that a lot of people cannot comprehend is that Mother Nature doesn't have a bullet with your name on it, she has millions of bullets inscribed with 'to whom it may concern'.

I have flooding in my barn. It's been a big mess and is looming as tremendous work ahead. We had two days of cold rain, while there is still frost in the ground, so the mud and standing water is horrific in it's scope.

My barn is at the bottom of a slope and when we bought this place we found that it flooded on the west side. So, we had drain tile installed and had years that were problem free. It seems the drain tile is plugged and we are in the soup. 

I don't have any other place to put the three horses that are effected. Mark has bailed out hundreds of gallons of water and we have been using pelleted bedding to soak up the water, but it just continues to seep in. The two outside shelters are useless at this time due to mud and flooding. And one of the horses is a stallion. 

This is the worst year in my memory for keeping horses. It has been gruelling both mentally and physically. Enough already.

Now that I have whined about the condition of my life, I have to say that the devastation happening again in the Red River Valley is heartbreaking. The river will have its way. My friend Jeni is on her way up there to help with the sand bagging. I think this is a wonderful thing for her to do and if I could, I would have gone with her. I hope they can keep Fargo from the disaster of ten years ago.

Now I must go deal with my own water problem.


  1. Amazing isn't it? I lived in Fargo for years (met dearest there in fact) That darn town floods when it rains!

    We too are living on waterfront property for the time being, the only thing truly effected for us though is my new outhouse - I will not complain, could be sooo much worse.

    I am sorry for the extra work this causes you as I know the force of water and now ice. Hope it recedes soon

  2. Thankfully, my trenches are finally deep enough to prevent standing water in the barn. But in the past, I have gone to the barn and looked in horror at a looming task that brought me to tears. It does not sound like there is any easy solution for you but to wait for Mother nature to bring kinder times. And yes, there are always those who have it worse. That is comforting and good to remember, but does not solve your problem. I am sure that part of the frustration is the lack of an immediate solution to prevent reoccurance. The sheer heaviness that the water soaked bedding adds is backbreaking. I know. I wish I was there to help....

  3. Aren't we having just a crap week?
    I do have to tell you that I just watched your French and Saunders horse video (youtube). It gave me my first chuckle of the past few days. Thanks! I love Dawn French - everything that she does is brilliant.
    I hope your troubles cease soon. Good luck in the barn.

  4. I try not to let my dismay show through too much. Anyone who reads this will say, you're kidding, right? No, I can be far worse than I put forth!

    I am at the end of my rope. I know Jean L. fully understands this. The year has beat me down. Fortunately, I usually bounce back fairly well. : )

    I love that video because I know so many people like this and I think I am sometimes them myself!

  5. Yikes! I understand weather. I understand being ground down by the weight you have to carry. Seeing I can't come help bail I'll put up a prayer for you & your poor horses.

  6. Thank you Ganeida. I got things a bit under control today. Not where I like it, but better. Now it needs to stay dry for awhile!

  7. I don't know what to say, but I am sorry that things are so rough.
    I hope that wnen the water recedes and the mud dries up that those horses will give you enough joy to make up for it!

  8. I don't know about joy, but I'd settle for some ease. : )

  9. I've been thinking about you and your horses all morning. I hope you are safe where you are and that the water does not rise any more.

  10. Thanks. We are fine, the flooding going on in the Red River Valley is far north of us. I'm getting the seeping water and deep mud flood. It's a lot of work and stress but we are OK.

    The people up in the Fargo area are in real trouble. They could use everyone's good thoughts.

  11. I'm back.

    Oh Sandra, so sorry for you own flooding and mud and poop and mud and poop and flooding.

    I love your mother nature quote...so true!

    Fargo is not looking good. The expected crest just gets higher and higher and the water is READY to come over. They have tons of snow, melt that plus the forecast and they won't be able to build the dikes fast enough.

    To see it is surreal.


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