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Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring.....On The Farm

March comes in with an adder's head, and goes out with a peacock's tail. 
Richard Lawson Gales

Rushing Water

In the spring we have lake front property

Our version of a waterfall

What my boots look like in the spring

And the glorious mud!

Happy days are ahead. Spring will be upon us before we know it. Then we will complain about mosquitos and flies. How hot it is, how wet or dry. I'll repeat my yearly mantra, how I can't wait for the first hard frost that will kill the bugs. And then it will start all over again. Isn't life grand!


  1. We have mud & rain & bugs & enough's enough already. :)

  2. You are a month ahead of us I swear! So funny for living in the same state. But man the snow melted yesterday!

    However it is still shin deep.... sigh

    But it is already above freezing - more melting ahead?

  3. Ganeida, You have been having a rough time with your weather. I see the damage done by an oil spill, what a disaster. I don't know what your winter is like, but I hope you get some relief.

    Jules, in this state, the weather can be entirely different across the street! It's currently 40 degrees, so we should lose the rest of the snow and ice. After the awful winter, I'm not even minding the mud, YET!

  4. Mud, mud and more mud. Now's the time for us to pull out our muck boots. I hate those thing, they make my feet cold.

    Don't count your chickens Sandra, I hear we are due for another snow storm before we really get spring.

    I'm just enjoying the mild weather and expecting the worst.

  5. Aw Jeni, I'm going to believe it's over. : )

  6. I always love Spring time! I hope it comes to stay! I can already tell our fall is approaching and I hope we don't have any heat wave relapses before the cool sets in : )


  7. I LOVE MUD! :) When I was young during springtime, I would put on my rubber "chore" boots and go tromping in the mud... My mom didn't appreciated it very much when I came back inside full of mud though! :P

  8. We people with horses DO NOT love mud. : ) But right now, I don't care because it isn't ice. I'm simply glad to see signs of spring!

  9. I was playing in the driveway with my shovel today - trying to get the water to run off. OH! The mud! I hate it. Spring is my least favorite of the seasons.

    Mr. Britwife asked me who made all the trenches in the driveway. I lied and told him the kids did it.

  10. Good job. Always blame it on the kids!


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