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Sunday, March 29, 2009

So, I have all of these horses. I stopped participating in the horse industry several years ago, meaning spending untold amounts of money and time and frustration showing on the Arabian circuit.

I got the annual advertising guide for the area I live in and saw the Tri-County Saddle Club. I have never been a member of a saddle club. I don't count MAHA (Minnesota Arabian Horse Association). I decided to call and get information. It seems this is a relatively large group of people. They have a couple of organized trail rides per year, two open shows and a fun show. Their arena is all of about 5 minutes from my house and they ride in Carver Park, another 5 minute drive for me.

I believe I will join the club.  This is the saddle most commonly associated with saddle clubs. At least I think so. I do own two of these.

This is the saddle I'm most accustomed to using. I own several of these, including this one.
I have never been active in anything within my community. I know very few people out here, as I have always been involved with my own little world. Kristina put it well when I told her about the club. She said we are on our own island here. She's right, we are. The place is self-contained. 

I'm going to join both of us and we can give the local saddle club a try. I don't care about competition anymore, but I do like to keep active with my horses. So, the Arabians, Saddlebreds and Lipizzans are coming to the club. Tally-ho, or I should say......Yee-Haw!


  1. I think it is great - especially if you bring your own life raft (a friend/family member) with you. You go in knowing someone, making it easier to meet others.

    It should be a good diversion for you and a way to further enjoy your sport/hobby/job.

    I love people though....

  2. By all means give it a go. You should liven up their world.

  3. I don't think of myself as a 'joiner' but I have found so many interesting activities and met so many interesting people by signing up for some community oriented groups. I am sure that it will be a nice change of pace for you : ) : )


  4. I'm not sure what to say. [I know nothing about riding] Does *very impressive* cover it?

  5. This is a nice club - we were thinking about joining when we had Jesse doing leadline and walk trot with Sally - but then we did the Pinto thing the next year and got disgruntled because of the cost involved to just show in leadline - it was unbelievable!

  6. Jules, you know small towns! I'm going to join and I hope they liven up my world. The Lipizzans always make people smile though. : ) I have never been a joiner either, but sometimes it's worth a try. Ganeida, I'm not sure I know anything about riding anymore myself. So I have Kristina, who surely does!

    Beth, I was going to ask you about the club, i was pretty sure you knew of it. The president was very nice. So you should join now and we can make an adventure of it.

  7. oh my goodness. good luck with this. i remember our saddle club in our little town in your neighboring state. but perhaps minnesotans are a bit more civilized and a lot less rodeo yeehaw.

    i hope it's not like my recent experience with the artists' association in my little community.

    but i can tell you, they're definitely not going to know what to make of the arabs and saddlebreds and definitely not the lippizans.

    do keep reporting on it, please, i can't wait to see what happens.:-)

  8. It may be a bit of an uphill battle with the breeds you have - as well as myself with a gaited horse. I don't think the judges know what to do with them, but if you just join as an adventure and for fun it should be ok....

  9. julochka, I know what you mean, but it doesn't matter. I did read about your unfortunate experience with the artists community, what was that about? Very strange to read, so I'm sure it was stranger to live!

    Beth, I don't care about the shows. I know there are people who REALLY do. I don't. So, some trail riding and maybe some showing to get a horse or two exposure to a ring with other horses for little $. And use of their arena. I can use the arena as a member and it would be beneficial to some of these beasts to leave home once in a while. You can only be bothered if you care to be bothered and I don't. And the Prez was a very friendly person. I think you should join us with your gaited mare and have some fun. You and I can use some fun. : )

  10. Four words. "I have a trailer!"


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