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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More On Food..........

Eat, life's too short to be miserable.
ME : )

I am cursed. I love food, good food, not junk. I don't eat fast food, rarely have takeout. I cook. And I eat. And I look like I cook and eat. Cooking for me is like playing for someone else. It makes me happy and people eating makes me happy. I tell my horses, mangia, mangia. Have a little nosh, do you want some more? Of course, no one needs to tell a healthy horse to eat! My perfect audience.

I did a quiz on FB about where you should live and it came up Italy, based on my need to have a city and culture near, while I live in the country. And food.

This is something I came up with a long time ago. My husband, the meat eater, likes it, but likes it better with portobello mushrooms. They are a firm, meaty mushroom and they trick his taste into thinking he has meat. I always keep them on hand, but I was out. Poor Mark.

So, this is it:

You can wilt fresh spinach or use frozen chopped, which I did here. Fresh is very good, but I don't always have fresh produce on hand when the spirit moves me.

6 cloves garlic

olive oil to cook the garlic and spinach

enough cream or half & half to make a sauce

about 1/2 cup of grated cheese, parm, romano, etc.

portobello mushrooms, if you are inclined

salt to taste

any pasta you like 

a little cheese on top


  1. Mmmm... that looks so good! Maybe I'll make something like that tonight for supper! I was just thinking "what should we have for supper..." then I came upon your blog! :)

  2. My Liddy would like this. She's a pasta junkie.

  3. Wow, does this look good.
    There's a reason that I am always struggling with my weight - food. I so agree with everything that you said...we rarely eat out - I don't (usually) prepared boxed or frozen foods. To top it all off, I am a food writer for the newspaper (so I am twice cursed) - I mean, I HAVE to research what I write about, right?
    I am definitely going to make this dish soon. Thanks!

  4. Anything with six cloves of garlic has my vote. Sounds divine.

  5. Looks WONDERFUL! I too am a lover of cooking and food.

    Happy St Patty's Day everyone. I'm having corned beef and cabbage tonight!

  6. Kacie, it's really quick.

    6 cloves of garlic for what is a serving for 2 in our house. I think my pores seep garlic!

    As food became more expensive I stopped purchasing pre-made items entirely. I would be totally lost if I wrote a food column. Yikes!

    Enjoy the corned beef and cabbage. Drink plenty of green beer. : )


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