Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small Flights Of Fancy

There is always some frivolity in excellent minds; they have wings to rise, but also stray.
Joseph Joubert

New Purse

Howard inspecting the new tennis shoes

What on earth was I thinking, WHITE!

Howard wonders why they aren't Hush Puppies!

I spent a little time shopping. I never do this, but I needed some things and while I was at it, I bought a couple of items I did not need, but I bought anyway. A strange comment from a former fashionista, isn't it. How the mighty have fallen!

I stopped carrying a purse in the early '90's but started again last year. I decided I liked the idea of having a fashion accessory. I used to love purses, almost as much as I loved shoes. Not quite, but close. So a bright green bag and a pair of white Converse tennies, something I really don't need, but fun to buy and will be fun to use. 

I'm hunkered down in a no spending mode, so this relatively minor shopping excursion feels like a splurge. If things turn around, I believe I am changed for good. My splurges will be small, like this. I don't think that is a bad thing.


  1. Love the bag! Small splurges are good if you can afford them. Howard is as curious as Iss about new things. Iss can't rest until he knows every last item that's been brought into the house ~ whatever it is!

  2. Howard needs to smell everything. Cats need to control everything!
    My horses cost so much to keep that my splurges need to be small and rare. : )

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the pretty white shoes with the mud. May not want to wear them quite yet! I wore black to church today for that exact reason - if there was mud splattered no one would notice!

    Small splurges make us feel good - it is the ones that make us think -what did I just do? those aren't good ;)

  4. I splurged this weekend too : ) I got a new dress AND a my very own cell phone! Oscar and i have been sharing one and it doesn't work too well when the only person I really need to talk to is him : ) : )

    We also had our first 'chilly' day of the year it was windy and rainy all day so I made your Eggplant Soup.
    It was a huge hit, even Marina and Sienna wanted seconds : ) Great and super easy recipe thanks for sharing it. I even had goat cheese on hand : )

    Bye for now,


  5. While there is no splurging for me in the near future, I applaud your splurges!

    I love purses and shoes as well. Very bold move of you to go with white!

  6. Yes, I'll leave the tennis shoes for dry season. : ) I've had some 'what did I do' moments, mostly concerning horses!

    A dress & a phone, you're living large! I'm glad everyone liked the soup, it's yummy.

  7. Yes, but NOT too often!

    Oh I wish I could more though...

  8. Those small splurges are what keep you going. Even if it is only an expensive chocolate bar. It's only a bad thing if you do it every day. Latte factor anyone?

  9. I haven't had a latte in a very long time, so I'm up for one!


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