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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's Thinks

Thursday's Child has far to go.

Woman's Head, Hair Down
Vincent van Gogh

So once again, it's Thursday and I am confronted with my thoughts. Or in some instances, the lack thereof. Life has been monotonous for some while now, so there isn't much of interest on my mind. It's the same drill running over and over again through my mind. 

I think about how hard this winter has been and I wonder if spring will actually arrive. When it does, I know I will be in a state about the resulting mud.

I think a lot about the broken health care system we have in America. If you can afford it, you will likely get good treatment. but it is a privilege based system and if you are not one of the privileged, you don't get care. I think about the 20% increase in our insurance cost that we just got and I think about the fact that our health insurance cost has increased by 50% over the past four years, while our coverage has decreased. I think about how this broken system is very much intertwined with our broken economy.

I think about how tenuous our hold on our lives is and how easily one may lose all they have worked for throughout a lifetime. I think about how easy it can be to feel smug in your sense of security, a feeling of rightness and self-determination. I also think about how quickly life can throw a curveball and leave you realizing it was all a lie, or at least an illusion.

I think I wonder how liberal and liberalism became bad words.  Webster's: liberal adj. 1. originally suitable for a freeman; not restricted: now only in liberal arts, education, etc. 2. giving freely; generous 3. ample; abundant: as a liberal reward. 4. not restricted to the literal meaning: as, a liberal interpretation of the law. 5. broad-minded. 6. favoring reform or progress, as in religion, education, etc.; specif. [also L-], favoring political reforms; not conservative: as , the Liberal Party in England. n. 1. a person favoring liberalism. 2. [L-] a member of a liberal political party, especially that of England.
My dictionary was printed in 1966, so perhaps the modern definition would be more threatening or ominous.

I think America still suffers from a sense of Manifest Destiny. I think this is not a good thing.

I think about how much I enjoy the young people I have the pleasure of knowing. It adds something to a life to be involved with people who have most of their life ahead of them.

I often think about my weight and my health, as it relates to my weight. Then I make a creamed soup for dinner. Don't forget the popovers to accompany the soup. I think I'm lame.

I think Zing is beautiful. I also think he is strange. I think his strange quality adds to his appeal, but I am his 'mom', so I know I am biased!

I know I have much to be thankful for, equally as much to be concerned about and perhaps as much to fully worry over. I understand the futility of worry, but a mind will not always listen to good, logical advice.

I think I should have been born with the gift of writing, because I have the temperament to be one of Ganeida's favorites.......those who write prose to 'slit your wrists by'!

I have made myself laugh, so I think it's time to quit while I'm still chuckling. Until next week, yours in sunshine. : )


  1. wow, those are some heavy thoughts for a thursday. let me guess, it's cloudy where you are? i've had heavy thoughts too and now it's suddenly snowing a wet snow that's not going to stick.

    i think you're right about manifest destiny...

  2. It's very cold for March, we were at -8 degrees F this AM. It's been a long winter and it has made a mildly morose person a deeply morose person! Although cold, we do have sun today. Small yippee. : )

  3. lol. You're already one of my favourites! See, I have you on my sidebar. I think you need some sunshine in your life ~ or at the very leat a little excitement. Seems like I'm lending Liddy round just now. Try driving with an uncertain driver on foreign soil! Well, foreign to her. It gets exciting enough on the one way streets in town. I can't think what she'd be like driving on the *wrong* side of the road with you but I bet it would spice up your day. ;P

  4. Can you ship Liddy over via FedEx? ; )


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