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Monday, April 20, 2009

At the Register

I don't like gourmet cooking or "this" cooking or "that" cooking. I like good cooking.
James Beard

I don't like to grocery shop. I dislike it so much we had bare cupboards and on a Sunday morning I was forced to go shopping.

Every time I go through the checkout I hear the same thing. "You eat healthy". So this makes me wonder about the American diet if my shopping habits are so unique they are consistently commented on.

I do not buy prepackaged food. No junk food or sugary food. Ever. I do buy canned goods and frozen vegetables. I also buy durham wheat pasta as well as whole wheat and I buy white rice and brown. I use wild rice, which isn't a rice at all, and I use some potatoes. So I'm not completely away from simple carbohydrates, but I'm doing fairly well with balancing it.

I cook from scratch and if more people would try it they would realize it doesn't need to be complicated or time consuming. It is so much better and cheaper. I make things up all of the time. I rarely use a recipe, so it's often difficult to duplicate!

My planned vegetable garden is causing happy anticipation. I'm excited over tubers and vines. It's pleasant to be excited about something simple.

But, this leads me back to the checkout counter. What are those clerks seeing all day, every day that causes them to comment on my food items each time?


  1. I don't know what the check~out chicks are seeing because I've always cooked from scratch too. Pre~packaged food is just awful. What I can tell you is the thing that gets nicked the most round here is cases of coke. Who knows why. I can't stand the stuff & Ditz isn't allowed anywhere near it.

  2. I think it can't be too many ingredients! I think perhaps it isn't so much what I buy as what I don't buy. No chips, no soda, no packaged or frozen meals, etc. I used to, but I was slowly changing my ways when fuel prices went through the roof, causing food to follow. I changed my ways completely then. Funny how fuel is down in price but groceries have not followed!

  3. Since moving to the South the different eating habits of people really stood out.I have never seen more processed meats in my life Most people eat plan old junk! No wonder our children are obese and unhealthy.

  4. I used to live in Atlanta. I couldn't eat much of the food. Vegetables were cooked to mush and grease abounded. This was the mid-eighties. I thought it would have changed.

  5. Your checkout looks like ours...all those great veggies, the mushrooms and dare I say...good cheese? I am in total accordance after living in the South. They had great markets, but heaven help you if you wanted to eat the restaurant food...all fried. I'm a vegetarian so your list is right up my alley!

  6. It is sad that buying healthy food is unusual. I have received similar comments. It is mostly the lack of sugar treats and soda that makes you stand out I would guess. Healthy eating is so much more delicious anyways : ) I enjoyed catching up with your blog this morning. I have updated (fianlly!) with some pics of my Mom's visit : )


  7. Ashley's back! I think you are right, it's probably the sugar, or lack of.

    Alicia, I'm not a vegetarian, but since I met Ashley online I have been edged a little closer to less meat in the diet. I try to keep it to 4 times a week. That's where the mushrooms come in. The 'meat eater', Mark, has a hard time without meat, but he accepts it easier with the portobello mushrooms as a replacement. I don't like mushrooms, but he really does.

  8. I watch the people around me at the check out - just was today. The lady ahead of me had two cases of pop three big boxes of eggo waffles (one with choc chips), two bags of Doritos, and I lost track of what else because I started thinking of why she would have that weird combo - I was hoping it was for something in particular!

    A lot of prepackaged - processed foods, junk - that is what I see around me.


  9. I'll be honest about it. I just can't afford to feed six people on pre-packaged food. We can most of our own foods (like spaghetti sauces, salsas, apple everything, etc.) from our garden produce.
    We went to Cub today, and spent $165. I bought a lot of salad ingredients (diet started today), milk, cheese, turkey breast - and yogurt.
    Yes, I know that yogurt is pre-packaged, but I tried making my own and it was yucky.
    Good for you! You are honestly one of the few people that I know that also cooks from scratch.

  10. I know it is, but I don't consider things like yogurt prepackaged. I would never make it myself!


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