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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday's Thinks

Never tell me the odds.
Han Solo

My thoughts are mostly on this guy. The above is Bounce at two. He is a very pretty horse and he is a big personality.

These are photos of Bounce in the show ring as a yearling. He earned a handy sum of money at this show, beating out the get of some stallions with multi-millions behind them.

I feel an irrational sense of hope for him. He is a real force and I can't believe hairlessness will be his undoing. His irascible personality is supposed to be his undoing!

The vet wanted his registered name for her records. It's WF Im Impressed. She told me that is a great name, too bad no one will be impressed with him now. I know she didn't mean to be cruel, but that wasn't nice. 

I'm not giving up. I'm in contact with Dr. Thomas (thanks Alicia). Maybe there can be a positive resolution to this.


  1. I do hope some get something positive happening for bounce. He looks a real wag in his photos & he likes the camera as much as it likes him.

  2. You should've responded with, "And I'm not impressed with tactless people."
    Think positive thoughts, and perhaps they will come true. I'm rooting for him, that's for sure! Gosh, he's a beautiful horse. (I'm not familiar with Arabians, as I was brought up with Morgans - but I do know a pretty guy when I see him!)

  3. Via a photo Dr. Thomas concurs with Alopecia. He told me to put away the idea of putting him down and see what can be done for him.

    Thanks, he is a looker, with or without hair. : )

    Tactless people abound and in spades in the world of horses. I'd venture to say I have suffered from the malady a time or two myself!

    I'm sure Bounce would thank you if he knew he should, so I'll do it.

  4. Oh, Sandra...I'm thrilled you contacted Dr Thomas! I used him as a last ditch effort and he certainly brought my horse through in spades where all other vets had given up on him. I'm crossing my fingers for you & Bounce. He certainly is worth the try...beautiful!

  5. I'm in total agreement with your Dr. Thomas. The last time I owned a horse I was six yrs old and it was a shetland pony that liked to chase me but I always get a second opinion from doctors. Anytime they say cut I say no. Anytime they say its the end I say not if I can help it. We are all keeping Bounce in our thoughts here.

  6. Well, the vet didn't seem to think much of this, but I told her I had nothing to lose, but a little money. The skin biopsy confirmed alopecia, not a surprise. We shall see where this leads. Thank you everyone. It really does help to be encouraged.

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