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Friday, April 17, 2009

I think It's Spring

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.  ~Ruth Stout

Look what's happening on the farm in Minnesota! The iris are poking their noses out of the leaves. I can't wait to get my hands dirty! Perhaps this afternoon I can get out the rake and get the gardens cleaned up.

My tentative plan for next weekend is to till a vegetable garden. My first full-fledged veggie garden, something beyond green peppers and tomatoes. I haven't figured out exactly what I will plant, but that will be half the fun. I think I will also put an area of cutting flowers in this garden.

I have several flower beds which have been neglected over the years, so I have high hopes of reviving and renewing these humble bits of blooms. I have a feeling if I don't do it now, my opportunity will be lost. It's not getting any easier to get down on my hands and knees. Speaking of which, I'm thinking of taking a limited mobility yoga class. I bet I'd be the youngest in the room, but perhaps not the most flexible! Now, I'll leave you with that image.


  1. For my birthday, Mr. Britwife took me to Menards and Tractor Supply (we are BIG partiers here!) to get garden goodies. I bought another blueberry plant (the puppy ate one last year) and seed potatoes, onion sets and all of my garden seeds. I need to transplant rhubarb this week! Isn't it all exciting?! I love the garden (until I am tired of it in August)!
    My iris are about a week behind yours - and I am struggling to keep the dogs out of the flower gardens.

  2. I got so excited reading about your garden that I didn't finish reading your post! Good luck with your yoga class! (I suck at yoga because I am not very bendy. I rock at the warrior pose though!)

  3. I haven't decided yet whether I will take a class or not. Mulling it over. : )
    I should get off the farm this weekend and see what my options are for planting.

  4. Potatoes. Nothing more rewarding or easy for a re-start in the garden. Probably even have some budding out in the pantry right now I would bet! ;)

    I love a garden. People will probably be tired of mine by the end of the summer - cuz that is where you can find me.

    We just cut down 4 trees last night. They had grown up so fast in the past 2-3 years they almost fully shaded 1/2 the garden last year. Made for a sad squash production... sigh. We are still in the puddle, stubborn snow, and warm one minute/ freezing the next part of spring. But that is better then the freezing too cold to breath part of winter!

    enjoy the weekend. I am grateful that you are grateful!

  5. I don't actually. I don't have any potatoes in the house. I don't have any food in the house! I hate to shop. Used the last eggs for lunch so now I'm sunk, I have to go. I know I want eggplant. I don't care much for squash, but maybe one plant. I'd like to grow garlic cause I use so much of it. Mid-May is usually the time things go into the ground. It's 74 degree right now, feels a little warm. : )

  6. I can wait to see the fruits, vegis, and.or flowers of your labor :-)

  7. I'll try to be organized and chronicle my effort. I know flowers, but I am a neophyte in the vegetable growing arena. Seems sort of strange, doesn't it?

  8. You are so far ahead in thinking than I am with the garden! I always have dreams of grandeur and then the weeds start and I wish it weren't so big. My sister plants a garden to supply a small community so we always have fresh veggies and fruits on our doorstep in the mornings. Knowing we love eggplant, she planted a couple for us last year and they were delicious...way different than store bought. The trade off? My husband is a fabulous cook..comes from a long line of chefs...so we cook dinner with all these garden items that people here in ND have never tasted. We get the love of cooking and she gets the benefit of digging in the dirt!

  9. My problem is I'm a very big thinker. Sometimes it never gets beyond the thinking!

  10. Now you just know I am madly interested in all this because I have been blogging away about my garden while you sat in a puddle of that white stuff! ;) I shall be so interested in seeing what you grow & how it grows & if the horses eat it or the dogs decide its the warmest sunniest place to lie...like my cat thinks new dug earth is for toileting purposes Drives Liddy bats.!

  11. Last spring I started a few "square foot" raised bed gardens. The soil here in Tennessee is horrible, all rock and red clay. This year I will try to do more.
    Try the yoga, I loved it. Wish there was a class near me. Good for my fibro.

  12. My dogs always lay in my flowers! I need to get to the nursery so I can visualize what to plant.

    I know I should take the class.


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