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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where Have I been?

Here. In the barn, on the farm. Life on the farm in the spring is busy. We get through winter, head down, shoulders squared. But in my case, lots of things go unnoticed and untended. I simply struggled to get by. The barn is cleaned, the aisle swept, but the barnkeeping is minimal. Saturday I swept the stall fronts, put some things away and felt a little better about the place. I still need to hose it down as that is the best way to deal with dust and cobwebs, but it's a bit cool for that. This is my untidy barn in the morning.

Late morning I had it cleaned up a little.

The tack room. My nemesis. I hate cleaning this area. I had a long time boarder who loved to clean and was a dear soul. She kept the tack room and wash area spotless for me because she wanted to help me. A wonderful, lively and opinionated friend. She died from cancer three years ago this month. I miss her on many levels. The tack room is never spotless anymore. A long winter and me not giving a rat's bare behind, this is what you get. I decided enough is enough and cleaned it up. Yuck. 

So this is the result of an afternoon's effort. It needs some a washing and some paint, but it's in order and swept. That's good work for me and my tack room. I have too much stuff.

Too many saddles.

So I have been busy at work. The next two months are always busy, even without the birthing of foals and the breeding of mares. I don't know how I did that, plus everything else, but somehow I did. I should have an embarrassment of time now, but I don't. Is it time catching up or is it a common affliction; when we have time we tend to waste it. If I'm honest with myself, and is there any point in telling yourself lies, it's both. But the work remains, the drive to do it still bubbles up and so I carry on. But one thing doesn't change. I hate cleaning the tack room.


  1. Sandra, I didn't realise how huge your operation is! How you ever find time to blog I do not know. Hope you had a lovely Easter break even if you don't celebrate.

  2. Your barn looks fabulous in comparison to some I've been in...you do a good job. Ironically, I hate tack room cleaning as well.

    Now tack room ORGANIZING, I love to do that. But cleaning and getting all the corners and moving stuff around. I hate that.

    Ganeida, I have wondered the same thing.

  3. I love it! Isn't it amazing the energy one finds to tidy up in the Spring. We just did the same thing after we arrived back from the Holiday celebration.

    Looks great

  4. Ganeida, it's large enough! I blog at night or early in the morning. Or on bad weather days. I've done this long enough to be organized, but it is a full time job. So, that comes to an Easter break; no such thing. They eat and need care no matter what day it is. I hope your Challah turned out well.

    Jeni, at least something about me is fabulous by comparison!

    Jules, the added light and warmer temperatures does give an added jolt. I just need to dig a little deeper to find it!

  5. Lookin' good!
    Nice job on the tack room. I'm the one that does ours, too, just twice per year though. We get alot of those japanese beetles and I get out the shop vac and go to town.

  6. I don’t envy you, that looks like a big cleaning job. You have done a great job and must feel some satisfaction in have a tidy barn and tack room.

  7. I am sure the barn owner appreciates you Jean. I know I would. Liss, I don't think anyone envies me! I'm glad it's done and hope I can keep it up. : )

  8. Your barn is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Thank you! It's a Dutch-style dairy barn converted to horses. It's old, but I like it, it had character, sort of like me. : )

  10. the barn is gorgeous and yes, when you have lots of time, you totally tend to waste it. or at least i do. :-) the busier i am, the better for everyone concerned. don't worry about your tack room, i've seen much worse. :-)

  11. In my mind I'm Martha Stewart. In my reality, not so much! Here I am, wasting time. : )


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