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Monday, June 15, 2009

Crazy Busy, Or Just Crazy

I am woman!  I am invincible!  I am pooped!  ~Author Unknown

My helper Deb told me that she saw a sign somewhere that said something along the line of When women work, they just do it. When men work, they announce it. Oh well, I'm announcing anyway.

I have been a busy person, keeping me off the computer and away from blogland. I haven't been able to keep up with my list of blogs I enjoy.

I wonder how I managed this place when I had 35 horses to care for. Foals born and mares being bred. And I did not have help. The simple answer is, I was younger! Another component is that I was focused on my work and nothing else. There is a decade and a half that is basically a blur.

Twenty seven horses probably doesn't sound like winding down, but it is. They are easier to care for now, the youngest is three, and I have had help for the past three years. Still, I have been a woman at work.

I have followed through with my wintertime musings and tended my gardens, those miserable vestiges of fading glory. Cleaned up, thinned out and replanted several beds. It's been a satisfying labor and one I am pleased to have followed through on.

Anyway, if I am absent from here and gone missing from my daily blog visits, it's because I am a woman at work, a woman who comes in at night too tired to think, so I leave the computer alone and watch TV instead. Summer in MN is fleeting and must be savored when it presents itself!


  1. The thing with bloggity is itdoesn't go away. When you have time it will be here & you can visit in peace. Enjoy your summer while it lasts. All too soon the snow will be falling again & you will have more than enough time to blay with all your bloggity friends.

  2. I sympathize and resemble that remark. lol Enjoy the summer and visit when you can!

  3. good gosh come January/February they will be sick of us!

  4. I know the author of that quote..ME! Enjoy the beautiful outdoors while it lasts. All of those four legged creatures will love you for it, too!

  5. Ha! Here I am again. You can't keep a good obsessive down! I'm not as tired tonight, but I'm getting ready to hit the sack with a book. I'm hearing a baler going in the field next door, but it is music to my ears to have hay being made, so no worries.

    I'll try to be around a bit, but as Jules said, winter is our time. : )

  6. I think bloggyland quiets down a little in the summer, because everyone has so much to do outside! Winter is definitely a better time to blog. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (my, you crammed ME into your busy day?!) and commenting about the whole commenting and responding thingie... I think we all do the best we can. And there's no right or wrong way to do it.

    Without further ado, I think I will do like you and go watch some TV. :) Have a great week!

    (27 horses??!! sheesh, we have 3, I can't imagine 27...)

  7. Some times I don't know why I am so busy. It seems like I complete my set of tasks to only be presented with a new set.

    I understand why you are busy, you have 27 horses. That's mad.

    You deserve some time veging in front of the TV. Enjoy it.

  8. And as I said and you see, I respond on my blog. : )

    I am having a quiet day today, so here I be!


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