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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Earth Says......Ahhhh

Rain. When you've had too much of it, it is despised. When there's been too little, your heart bursts for the sheer joy of it. My heart is bursting. Everything around us was brown and dying. I was valiantly watering my gardens, but I couldn't do enough to do much good, other than keeping it all from curling up. When you have livestock dependent upon hay, drought brings a sense of terror. We are not out of the drought condition, we were 12" below normal rainfall over a year long period and 5" below normal for the season. Most of the state got at least 1/2", while we were fortunate to have a little over an inch of rain. If nothing else, this gives hope. I'll take it.

It's been awhile since I have seen a puddle.

The turtles overseeing the new rose garden are as hopeful as I that the bushes will finally leaf out.

The potted plants enjoyed their bath of rain water.


  1. Rain is the absolute best...so rejuvenating for both the plant life as well as our souls. I'm not thrilled with dark clouds as I want to hide inside but am always grateful for them as it gives me a chance to take a break from the hectic outside and just enjoy the comfort of a warm house! Glad you guys got rain!

  2. I love the way it smells before and after it rains. It's refreshing.

  3. Oh I so know this feeling. I do, after all, live in the *Sunburnt Country*. We aren't quite out of drought yet despite the fact it's flooded twice round here recently. That's how much rain we were desparate for!

    Still catching up after our frantic weekend. Sounds like you've been busy too. Hope you saved me a pice of that scrumptious looking pie.

  4. We never complain about rain here either. I am gald you got some.

  5. Alicia, I enjoy a rainy day here and there, but prolonged dreariness puts me in a funk as well. I do enjoy a day off once in a while though. BTW, your photo is stunning. I've been meaning to say.

    J, it sure is refreshing, but it could warm up a little!

    Ganeida, we had a flood in the barn in March and drought in May. The barn flood had to do with frozen ground and rain. We need more, but we often have extremes here, so more could turn into too much. Your life is frantic, I don't know how you do it. I wish I could invite you for coffee & pie. I think I would be rapt the entire afternoon!

    Liss, the drought photos you put up made me very sad. You need rain, lots of soft, steady rain. I hope you get it.

  6. I remember our second summer in Tennessee we had a horrible drought. It saddened me to see the dried up pastures full of cattle and horses. People had to sell off their animals as they could not afford to feed them. Every year I pray we don't go through that again.

    I hope you get a nice long long steady rain.

  7. finally - oh I am so glad that the moisture made it down that way!


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