Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poetry-less Wednesday

I find I'm not feeling much like reading poetry today. It's been mercilessly hot and humid and I am wilted. If I wanted to live in the tropics, that's where I would be. I'm a northern tier sort of individual.

Instead, here's some flowers from the garden. A pretty lavender delphinium.

The climbing hydrangea on the back of my house.

Asiatic lilies just starting to bloom. 

The bloom is definitely off this rose. I'm more like a piece of limp wilted lettuce!


  1. After seeing your delphiniums, I can't wait for ours to bloom! Aren't the lilies so fragrant? Great pics...I'll take the heat any day over the cold of the Dakota winters!

  2. Alicia, I really cannot tolerate high temperatures and humidity. I literally get sick. As much as I don't like winter, I manage so much better. What a quandary for someone who loves the results of summer; flowers, fruits & vegetables!

  3. A climbing hydranga? Really? Well how about that! Learn something new every day.

    I don't like humidity. Humidity & heat grinds me down faster than anything else.

    Your flowers are lovely.

  4. Yes, it does climb. I prune it often, the things a monster!

  5. Beautiful flowers! I know what you mean about the humidity...I do not like it a bit either and here I am in the south with lots of it. Thank God for air conditioners. When it gets terribly bad I treat it like winter and don't go anywhere!

  6. Your delphiniums are gorgeous! I think the heat gets tougher for us women as we get older -- I hate to admit it, but I know it has for me. I've always been a very warm-blooded person, and these 100+ degree days are killin' me!!

    Take a nice soak in the tub tonight, that might help. :)

  7. Judy: you live in the south, but you are from the north. It will never work. I used to live in GA, OMG, awful.

    Oz Girl, you are right. It gets harder as we get older. At least for me. I need the perfect climate, cool to chilly year round. I am one of those cursed women who never lost the hot flashes after entering menopause, I just keep flashing. 100 degrees with 75 degree dew point & hot flashes makes for one mean woman. Somewhere there is something playing a cruel joke. By July I am pleading for winter.


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