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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Thursday's child is full of grace

Water Iris
I was born on a Saturday. Saturday's child works hard for a living. I have no idea if it was destined that this would be true, or if it is purely my own short-sighted choice. But I have worked hard. If I had been born on Thursday, would I be full of grace? 

I have noticed that everything is costing a lot more money. I have purchased flowers the past couple of days and the flat price is quite high. It seems counter-productive to continue to raise prices in an economy that is barely breathing as it is. I know my annual population will be less this year than in the past. Way too much to spend, even though I enjoy being surrounded by blooms. I think we are ass-backwards in handling the economic mess we got ourselves into.

If the tomato plants I put in all produce well, we will be living on a diet of tomatoes. I over did the tomato planting. I have planted garlic and shallots. This is a new thing for me to try and I am looking forward to the results. They are flourishing. Seems a little silly to be so excited about garlic.

Queen, the other half of Homer and Queen at Raders Out Loud posed the question, why blog?  I said I would think about an answer. I lead a somewhat solitary life. I see people, in short spurts, here and there, but most of my days are spent on the farm. I go to the farm supply, the grocery store, the liquor store. I go to the nursery in the spring and I sometimes join a friend for lunch. But most of the time I am here. I am not a withdrawn person, I am a talker, I am opinionated and I have a lot to say, probably because I don't get to say it very often! When I consider why I do it, it seems sort of pathetic, but here it is. It is a way for me to express my thoughts, to sometimes display my efforts, whether gardening, cooking, cleaning a mountain of tack or rejoicing that I actually swept the floor. I realized one day last August that I could start a blog if I wanted to, it was right there and easy to do, so a monster was easily created. I notified a few friends and started typing. I like to take photos and this gives me an opportunity to put them on display, my own personal photography studio! And I really enjoy connecting with people I would never otherwise 'meet'. I do a pretty good job of not being obsessed, which is a concern for my personality type. Anyway, there's the sad truth. I'm not a writer, I'm not a photographer, I'm not interesting or exotic. I'm a reformed horse breeder with a computer and a good camera and no obligation in the evening. And I'm not shy.

I realized at one point during Wednesday afternoon that anyone driving by my place at any given time probably thought they were seeing the dark side of the moon. I was transplanting iris, and as it is easy to plant I would simply bend over to put it into the ground. So my ample bum was facing the road throughout the day. No it was not a total eclipse of the sun. It was a moon.  Bending over with the back end facing the road probably should be illegal.

This is a patchwork of thinks, a collage of rambling musings. If you take anything away from this, let it be, don't moon the road.


  1. Thanks for the mooning advice.
    I was born on a Thursday. I am about as graceful as a cow with a crutch. So that theory is shot in the rear-end.
    You'll have to let me know about those shallots! I've never done those. My dad plants the garlic around here - so I steal his. I planted 36 tomato plants. We live on tomatoes too! (Spaghetti sauce and salsa all winter! Yum.)
    And once again, I agree with you about the economy. It sucks and it doesn't make sense....

  2. I agree about the cost of things lately. For awhile everything seemed to be down, now it is spiking back up again, just like the gas. "Road mooning" is a worthy pass time and I fear I am a member of this club too!

  3. So don't drive past my place...I'll moon if I want. ;P That Rhyme pings me off; I'm Wednesday so woe is me.

    You know if we ran our households the way the governments see fit to run countries we'd be jailed ~ fraud, defamation of character, insolvency, 1/2 a dozen other unsavoury outcomes.

  4. Self expression..is a wonderful thing (now I am saying this in regards to you), Be it your words or your "moon" all is good. I always enjoy reading your blog, it is so cathartic for us girls to share and sometimes rant.

  5. Hey thanks for the shout out but I'm afraid tha I am just going to have to say...YOU ARE WRONG!!!

    You are a beautiful photographer! I look forward to seeing your photos and you are a darn good writer also! I have no idea what day I was born, my Dad used to tell me I was left on the front porch by indians!

    Keep blogging girl...we look forward to it...

  6. I am Saturdays child as well and I would most definitely agree on your theory.

    My mooning opportunities are climbing on a horse. Although I would love to garden someday.

    Why blog? Why not?! I am no writer or photographer either but it sure gives me practice. And I would disagree, I think you write very well and I love your photos!

  7. I obviously didn't learn from yesterday, I was once again showing a full moon to the road. That is a cruel punishment to passersby.

    36 tomato plants! OMG, I have eight and I think it's a lot. I DO NOT can, so they will need to be consumed when they are available. I'd like to see a cow with a crutch. : )

    Everyday fuel prices are climbing. I hear the pundits on TV say that Americans don't want smaller efficient cars. I think they are wrong.

    Ganeida, you don't seem woeful, quite the opposite. I have thought lately anyone pulled off the street could do the job better than those doing it now.

    Judy, thank you. You must be back from vacation. I like nothing better than a good hissy fit every now and again. Better the blog than those who can't get away from me!

    Queen & Jeni, I know nothing about taking photos, but I have a good camera and sometimes some luck. : ) I simply enjoy it, so I take pictures all of the time. I don't have any formal education in anything related to writing, so I am not really a writer, just a hunt & peck typer with a blog. But I do appreciate being appreciated!

    My mother always said the milk man left me. Indians are way cooler.

    Getting on a horse is a prime mooning opportunity, especially if I am the one attempting it. But even a strong, svelte thing is going to have a good opportunity for it. : 0

  8. your irises are amazing! I noticed that about my grocery bill, buying less costing more... really? ugggg

  9. A lot more. Last time I went, I was shocked. And I feed two people. I can't imagine a family's food bill.


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