Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Existential Thinks

 The process of questioning reality. Are we really here or are we particles floating in space and we don't know it.

 Are we the result of an omnipotent being's peaceful slumber, a never ending dream that continues to play?

Or are we a product of some mischievous being's practical joke.

 Are we the pawns in the gods game?

 Is this real or is it all an illusion. Or is it Memorex!


  1. OMG I was thinking about this subject to myself today while driving my car to the repair shop. It turned into bizarre thoughts in my head about me living in a dream and waking up trying to prove to everyone that what I had been doing was real. Ok said enough, I don’t want to come across as a big freak.

    I am glad others thing about these thing. Your post describes it well and has a sense of humor about it too.

  2. I have these wonderings from time to time. Mark looked at me as if I were nuts when I brought it up. He said he's never thought like that. Oh well Liss, we are an odd lot, aren't we?

  3. Yeah... it's all so crazy to think about!!

  4. I often wonder that and then give up because I don't have an answer.

    Or, as on an epidsode of South Park, is "Earth" one big reality tv show for martians?

    That could get cancelled.

  5. And then if this is all just a dream can we change the dream? Are there parallel universes to cross over into. If time doesn't exist in a linear sense how do we know *when* we are & can we change our *when*? lol. And this, my friend, is why I enjoy writing fantasy. It has me howling with laughter & sooo many possibilities. Love this stuff.

  6. SANDRA -
    A BIG SHOUT-OUT to you for voting for me and NOT even knowing 'who-the-heck' I was on Liss's site (cookbook)! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Just thought I'd let you know I'll come by and exercise the horses as a little 'pay-back' for your vote. I AM a certified pet-sitter, you know! I'll be right over!

    Seriously, thanks again! Come by and visit ANY time! BTW, I'm in LOVE with your life-style - lucky YOU.

  7. I've often had thoughts like this...especially at night when you look up into a starlit sky. I always wonder if I'm just a little peon...super miniscule..that is being played a game with...just like chess. What great imagery put to the words. After reading the comments, it's kind of eerie to know other people have these thoughts too.

  8. Maybe we don't have enough to do!

    Berta, these 'pets' would surely challenge your certification. : )

  9. I like to think of us like the spec on Horton Hears a Who......


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