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Friday, June 26, 2009

Pork Ribs

Mark's dinner plate. I do call him the meat eater for a reason!

Baked gingered bone-in pork ribs with onions and garlic. 


  1. OMG I haven't had breakfast yet! I saw that and was instantly hungry! I am a meat eater too!

  2. Ok, I have a proposition for you....I will muck your stalls and feed for you if you will cook for me.
    How does that sound?

  3. Not a meat eater here but one thing I do occasionally indulge in a good rib meal...must be that NC part of me coming out. That looks really good!!

  4. OK seriously...if you keep cooking I don't know that we can be friends.

  5. They were good!

    Judy, it's a deal.

    Alicia, a good rib is a work of art!

    Queen, oh, no! How 'bout if I say it isn't any good?

  6. i want to know about the rice dish that's in that picture! :-)

  7. This was a bag of mixed rice types.


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