Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It was overcast and looked like a storm was brewing, but it seems to have passed us by. Too bad. We could use the rain. I could use the down time the rain brings. We had a little rain yesterday. Flowers after the rain, they look content after their shower.

I think I will borrow a phrase I read on Ganeida's blog in answer to her seven questions. She called herself an extroverted introvert. I am also an extroverted introvert. I could easily become a recluse, but the image that congers up is enough to push me out into the world. 

I have a cat sprawled on my desk playing with my fingers as I type. This makes typing difficult and occasionally painful. She is a good old cat, so I let her do what she wants. Perhaps because it is very difficult to make a cat do otherwise. I find I like cats more than I used to. I must be mellowing. Do you think we are like a fine wine or stellar cheese; that we become better as we age? Our casing certainly loses its glow, but the insides do mellow with time. I think so anyway.

There are I times I think I have a commonality with these roses. They are antique, they need little care and they bloom once and are then done with it. 

Wall Street is back at it. Trading derivatives and handing out huge bonuses. Business as usual. I think we are a house of cards. 

I wonder when I hear the argument against a national healthcare system, the one about affording it. I wonder why no one says the obvious; we are already paying. A lot. $1200 a month here in this household. 40% comes right off the top for profit. Bill McQuire walked out of United Health a couple of years ago with a parting gift of over a billion dollars. We would rather have the HMO get between us and our doctor, rather have care denied for the purpose of profit. There is something fundamentally wrong with one's life being weighed against profit.

The storm has passed us over, the sun is out and it will be another hot day ahead. Time to take myself out into the humid air so I can work and wilt. I think I am grateful for air conditioning. 


  1. These are beautiful pictures of your flowers, Sandra! I couldn't agree more about being an antique rose...bloom once and then kaput for the year..LOL!
    I won't even get into the health care debacle. And the latest..Bank of America having to buy out JP Morgan so the stock market wouldn't crash!?!? Monopoly money everywhere. What end is up, anyway?
    You beat me to the punch...you do have one UBER Amazing blog...love reading it every day!!

  2. Sandra: I have to agree that you have a great blog & I think you write really well. I avoid those blogs where the grammar is weirdly American [I've been told it's considered grammatically correct but it jars.lol] Your petunias are stunning. They are such generous bloomers. That purple whatever it is is absolutely exquisite! ♥

    Can't comment on the political stuff. After the fuss out here[thought the Governor~General was going to have to disolve parliment, sack the PM & send us all back to the polls] I am way over politics! First lesson of good scholarship: verify your sources! Politicians should learn that rule before the slanging match starts.

  3. Aw shucks. Now I'm blushing. Thank you.

    Alicia, I'll get the award, et al later when I have more time to devote to it.

    I don't know about the grammar, but I do know that I am a weird American. : 0

    I love British politics, very rough & tumble. I imagine it's the same in Oz.

  4. Oh my gosh! That antique rose is to die for! I have 3 bushes of them but they are really small! Love the photos and thanks for the shout out and award! I will post on that!

  5. I feel your weight! It amazes me how the little guys, "us" are paying the price to continually make the "Big Guys" even bigger. Watching the news just sickens me, I can feel my heart slump down in my chest. I don't want to be a doomsayer but I think our little world has crashed!
    On a lighter note... Your flowers are spectacular!

  6. Nothing beats the scent of the antique roses. I bought two bushes this year that are supposed to be continuos bloomers.

    I try not to be consumed with the world events, but there are days.......
    Thanks about the flowers. I liked the drops of moisture.


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