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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Zing

Mr. Wonderful turns eight today. It seems like yesterday that he emerged from his dam's womb. And it seems only a heartbeat ago that Diamond Rose died for her effort. She left me Zing. WF Last Of Roses, my orphan baby.

What I am now painfully aware of is I don't have any good photos of him under saddle. So this dark, grainy thing will have to do.

Happy Birthday big guy.


  1. Happy Birthday ZING! No matter the picture...which is good btw...he is a beautiful boy and I know, very special with his background.
    I'm thinking a granola carrot cake sans frosting is appropriate for the feed bucket today!

  2. Zinger had a birthday filled with angst. I had the farrier out today and three mares who are not in the barn came in to have their feet done. It caused a cacophony of stallion anxiety, with Zing being the leader. The poor boy also had to have his tootsies done while he was so overwhelmed by the girls. Kristina came out to ride him and I told her you can have a frustrating project or you can ride Ari. She rode Ari. Happy Birthday hormonal boy!


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