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Thursday, June 18, 2009


The sky is falling!
Chicken Little

I'm sure it is, I think I have been picking pieces of it up on my lawn. I'm pretty sure I've been hit in the head by falling pieces. That's got to be the answer. These figures can't be real, so I must be delirious.

9.5 TRILLION have been funneled from the Federal Reserve to Wall Street over the past nine months. The GNP of the US is about 12 TRILLION. No one can or will say where or how it has been used.

The United States has a 3-6 TRILLION trade deficit. China just did a stimulus package that included a buy Chinese first provision. Remember that was in the US stimulus package but was taken out at the staunch urging of so-called conservatives. And a few blue dog Democrats.

The year before Ronald Reagan took office the pay for CEO's was 30 times the average worker. In 2008 it was 500 times the average worker.

1.5 MILLION homes have been foreclosed in the past 1.5 years, with no end in sight.

24.99% the new interest rate on a credit card I have, went from 7.99%. No balance, no late payments, no over credit limit. Go figure. I did see this bank is one that is now considered healthy enough to get out from under TARP. They take federal money to save their sorry asses, then they turn around and change interest to usury rates (except that we don't have usury laws in the US anymore) so they can get out of some limp oversight. 

100% The amount my heath insurance cost has increased by in 4 years.

My disgust, disdain and despair..........priceless.

I'm sure all of this is a result of a piece of the sky conking me on the head, we couldn't really be impotent enough as a nation to allow this to happen to us, could we?


  1. Our whole world as we know it is falling out from beneath us. I can't believe our governments. Here they have spent millions on the automobile industry out of our funding, our taxes to pay for this!

  2. Apparently we are and we did.

    I'm 35 or so years away from retirement but I think this is going to affect that.

  3. I think I will start carrying my umbrella....when will the light at the end of the tunnel be turned back on....ohh yeah I forgot Joe lost his job and the electric company has not be paid.

  4. I forgot one. I heard yesterday that the price of gas has gone up in the US everyday for 50 days straight. All while we have a huge surplus. So much for supply and demand. You know, market driven.

  5. Oh, Sandra...where does one to begin to even fathom what has been happening? At this current rate of debt, my monopoly money is just a valuable as the dollar I pay my grocery bill with! Take shelter as the sky is falling.

  6. I agree with Lorca:
    The world is in the melting pot,
    What was is passing away
    And what will remain when it cools again,
    No one can truly say

  7. I'm afraid so. Too bad I don't believe the place that will emerge will be better.

  8. Every 20 yers or so it seems a ressission hits. I wonder if they will ever learn how to combat this.
    Of the good of the ordinary person... lets hope.

  9. The dirty little secret here is this is more like a depression, but we don't realize because it doesn't look the the depression of the 1930's. 9.5 trillion is propping up the house of cards.


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