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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Calendar Turns

So today is my birthday.
I'm listening to the father of the little girl who died in the terrible tragedy in Arizona. As I think of my life becoming one year older, I can't help but feel so sad about this little girl who will forever remain nine. It is incredibly sad and meaningless.

We will never be able to have a thoughtful conversation about guns in America. 


  1. What will it take for us to be able to talk about guns? I heard a congressman from Utah say he was going to start carry a firearm to public events, and I just shake my head.

    And...it's your birthday and I wish you all the best for your day. All of this sadness reminds me how very lucky we are to get up, put two feet on the ground and live this life. To celebrate another year feels almost magical.

    Happy Birthday, Sandra! All the best to you in the year ahead!

  2. Happy Birthday dear Sandra!

    As a Canadian, the passion for guns in the U.S. baffles me. Beyond the love of personal freedoms there seems to be a sort of 'worship' of the constitution and the 'right to bear arms'. Wouldn't it seem reasonable to contextualize some of the freedoms established in the constitution as appropriate to a certain time in history - (e.g. pioneers settling in wilderness and needing the right to bear arms)? Raising this part of the constitution up as a sacred right is a flimsy rationale that puts so many lives at stake. The States is no longer the wild west ... or is it?

    I knew your posts would entice me back into commenting! Have a great year Sandra. My birthday comes up later this month.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sandra! I hope the events of the day will not color your world on a day that should be celebrated.

    Each time, I catch catastrophic news on the TV or radio, I turn them off for days. Only to tune in, days later to more. I just can't digest the horrors.

  4. Happy Birthday Sandra.
    Are you ready for something cool?

    Today is my birthday.

    We are Jan 10 sisters. I got a pair of binoculars from my wonderful thoughtful husband. How romantic is that?

    Even in the muck of life ,
    their are little miracles. There are.

    cheers to doing even a little bit of the good. it matters

  5. I hope you enjoy this day that is yours. Happy Birthday Sandra!

  6. Well, happy birthday to you, Sandra. May you find moments of love and joy around you to insulate you from the horrors on the news. I have cried quite a few tears myself this weekend, riveted to the news in a futile attempt to make sense of it all. In a fit of madness, I googled mass killings and read about all of them. I have a morbid streak that dates back to childhood, and I spent my college pleasure reading years on every true crime mass murderer book in the libraries. I don't know why I need to look head on into disaster, mayhem and tragedy, but I do. It's who I am. I cannot hide my head in the sand and pretend the world is other than what it is.
    Sometimes, the only things that keep me sane are taking a news hiatus, hugging a child, petting a dog, tending my garden...
    I hope you have someone to hug, a pet to snuggle, a candle to light while you eat a nice birthday dinner. And turn off the news for a day or so as a gift to yourself.
    There is too much knowing in the modern age.

  7. Many happy retuns, Sandra.

    No idea to what you refer. Our news is consumed by our floods. Yesterday Toowoomba, where we lived for 10 years & which is high, on top of a mountain, suffered a flash flood that took about 11 lives. This morning I gave thanks I was under my roof & not having to sit on it all night like some, while the water threatened to cart the whole lot away. Brisbane will probably go under later in the week. Just waiting to see what happens now & trying not to travel.

    Stuff happens. Trying to make sense of it will send you crazy. (((Hugs)) for your birthday. ♥

  8. So glad I chose today to come out of hibernation! Happy Happy Birthday dear Sandra. There is so much glorious good in this world waiting for you to enjoy. Step outside. Breathe that cold icy air in deep. Find the sun (is it hiding there too?) Know that is is there shining just for you today and that you are very very loved.

  9. Marion: It's sad, it's insane, it's unfathomable. And it is America. So I had a day called my birthday and let it wash over me. Tomorrow is another day.

    Bonnie: You nailed it: worship. Which is why we cannot have a conversation in this country about guns. Some people think it is the wild west. MN has a conceal & carry law. Why do average people need to pack heat? And why would anyone need an assault weapon? For this purpose, that is why.

    gsc: my son came out for lunch, I think it was a good day.

    deb: how wonderful is this. A decade or two apart, but sisters none-the-less! I am so surprised and pleased.

    Judy: thank you so much. I had a good day.

    Mel: I know about needing to look. I suffer from the same malady. It is a curse and a ....what? I guess a strange and persistent curiosity. So somehow we find one another!

    Ganeida: the devastation in your country is mind boggling. I feel some relief because you tell me you are on high ground. But the dead, the
    destruction....terrible. I'm so sorry.

    What I am talking about is, Sat. a young man went to an open air meeting with a Congresswoman in Arizona, along with his assault weapon, and shot her in the head and then proceeded to calmly fire upon the crowd. He killed 6, including a 9 yr. old girl and a Federal judge. He wounded a dozen or so more. The Congresswoman is in critical condition. The atmosphere in the US is hateful and frightening, IMO. He purchased his killing weapon legally.

    Deb: so we have both been hibernating! I guess that is what happens when it's cold outside. Thank you for your birthday wishes and your very welcome kind words.

  10. Happy Birthday, Sandra. I'm sorry that it's such a sad one.

  11. Sandra: we are fine. The Briz River has burst its banks, the dam is spilling over; most people are staying home or evacuating. The clean up, when we can get to it, will be horrendous. Everyone is dealing with it.

    Thanks for the info. Looked it up. So very sad.


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