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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Resolve

Yes, indeed. This is rain. On December 31. In Minnesota.
I have not made it a habit to make New Year resolutions, but the end of 2010 was spent thinking about my life, leading me to think about what I would like to change. The change of location to the south of France isn't going to happen, so I decided to spend my efforts on slightly more realistic goals.

* Less time spent on social media. Sorry Facebook, we are breaking up. I know, you did not know we were a couple, but I was there, lurking.

* I am going to be predictable and say I need to lose weight. It would seem I have found thirty pounds and they decided to attach themselves to my waist. It has been a very close relationship, but we do need to stop seeing one another.

* I decided to take French lessons. I was conversant in French once upon a time, but it would seem not conversing causes one to forget. Kristina told me it will increase my IQ. As long as it does not increase my waistline.

I think this is enough for one year. Another resolution is to not get carried away with myself. This one I think I can manage. If I continue to make fruit cobbler and heavily dollop it with whipped cream, I will have a real difficult time breaking up with my waist. Breaking up is hard to do.


  1. A dollop of whipped cream is a bad thing? sheesh...

    You have your rain and I have frozen water pipes this morning. Excuse my language, but WTF???

    I spent 12 years learning French and now all I can see is je suis fatigue.

    Wishing you and yours many sunny(but not too hot) days,love, laughter, good health and success in all your endeavors, throughout the New Year and always!
    xox Stumpy and me

  2. I loved the comment above.

    It is warm and pouring here as well. ( outside of Toronto, Ontario ). So so strange.

    Isn't life?

    I've dipped my toes in facebook, but I don't know..

    I am grateful to be turning this corner into the new year with you Sandra.

    Cheers to possibility!!!

  3. First the weather. We've had a heck of a week, from big snows to magical frosts, to insane fog, to 54 degrees on New Years Eve!! to this morning's 30 degree temp drop and howling winds. What next for us, I wonder?
    Second, the resolutions. I could just borrow your list. Funny, I was watching Swedish subtitled films this week, feeling ridiculous and lazy for not having a second and third language. I speak a little Spanish, thanks to high school, but not enough to count. I was thinking about the Rosetta stone software, as it is supposed to be the easiest to learn from. But what language? I wish I spoke 7 or so. And I believe it does make you smarter. So do puzzles and music.
    I have to break up with food and wine. This year is a watershed year for me, either digging in or giving up on the weight. I know the costs of both choices. But I'm really tired of my middle getting in my way when I'm trying to do things. And I guess I'm not ready to give up yet. So, I resolve to dig in.
    Good luck with your plans and resolutions. I'll be happy to help cheer you along this year. When you threatened to break up with social media, I was afraid for a moment you meant blogger! Whew.
    I'm with you on the south of France. It would be lovely. I'm not sure anymore why I settled for settling here, where weather dominates and controls life for the most part. At least I can dream, and Google Earth to imagine all the lovely places I could be.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year to you Sandra! We are having rain as well. Perhaps a few French books so your mind will be in France.

  5. Love these goals!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Wetter than wet here for New Year's. Half my State is under water ~ & it's rather a big state [an area France & Germany combined is now subterrerean]. I don't do resolutions. What's the point when I have absolutely no intention of keeping them after 24 hours? My French consists of Combien? & a smattering of very naughty words. I used to know more but it is a very long time ago & I have since fried my brains with The Gothic. I hope 2011 is a very good year for you. Wishing you good friends, good wine & wonderful horses! ♥

  7. gsc: we had 40 degrees and rain on Thursday. 20 degrees and some rain on on Friday. You wouldn't think it would rain, but the atmosphere was warm, so it did. And froze. Sat., -8 degrees. This AM, -10. Whoopee. ICE!

    deb: fb is great for lots of people. Not me. Eats time and yet, I don't know. Not for me.
    We will see where turning this corner together takes us!

    Mel: It has been a terrible winter, everywhere it seems.
    We Americans do not value language much. Including English, as so many of us can barely speak that either!
    I need to lose weight, but I draw the line on giving up my wine. I think it is the only thing that keeps me behaving as a human. I am 70 lbs over my weight when I was in my 30's. In the past couple of years I put on the additional 30 and need to shed that. I went from overweight to fat with that weight. I can live with overweight, fat, not so much.

    Judy: so you are back in TN. Your rain hopefully is not creating ice.

    Missy: I probably won't keep them. : (

    Ganeida: what is it about French and the bad words? I never did forget those either!


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