Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roses, Deer & Soup As A Metaphor

It's been a long winter and it's not over yet. I can tell it's been long as I find myself waxing poetic about soup. Soup and my acupuncturist have become the beacons of my life. I think we should keep this between us though, as I don't want anyone else to know I am so very boring.

It is hard to believe these beautiful things can actually bloom here when looking out the window and seeing the frozen land. Nature is a mystery.
Of course, I have a small problem known as baby deer. He is quite content living here with my horses as his companions. They have developed a tolerance for one another and I think it gives the deer a sense of a herd. I hope he finds his proper place in the spring, for his sake as well as mine. Cute as he is, he is not welcome to my plants for his dinner.

It is cold and getting colder as the week progresses. I slip between normalcy and melancholy, following the vagaries of the sky. Sunshine or gray. I make soup and feel its warmth fill the kitchen and life is good. So here I am, back to the soup. 


  1. Keep posting about soup and flowers! soup and flowers, soup and flowers.

  2. You should not encourage me Elizabeth!

  3. My dear, in winter to me making soup is the true equivalent of tending the garden, so you achieved Nirvana and you are not even acknowledging it.

    I miss cooking right now, still wobbly on my feet taking very cautious steps from bed to bath and not yet venturing downstairs. Today I will go into my atelier and organize, setting down the treasure trove that arrived in the past few weeks so I can go back to work really soon.

    We battled deer for years. One year, I guess the second or third of a promising Oriental pear tree we planted on the east side was completely and I mean completely nude after a morning raid by the beasts. I have no sympathy for them except I would never kill one even for food or damage them in any way. Is that a male or a female? If male, it is nearly certain that come Spring his heart as well as some other organs in his body would be swelling with love and the rest is genetics.

    Go make soup so I can feel as if I am cooking. Relax this weekend, maybe a good book by the fire is the ticket.

  4. It is a true gift to be able to wax lyrical about food ~ & one I don't have! In one end, out the other & only indigestion in beween. lol I so admire your abilities in this direction & everything always looks so scrumptious I'm almost sorry I don't like cooking. Almost. One day you are going to post something I will find irresistable & be warned. I hold you entiresly responsible for the consequences! ☺

  5. Ah, soup is soul food. One of my very fav. authors, Thomas Moore, says in his "Care of the Soul" that what the world needs is more good cooks. People understanding that food is so much more than body nourishment, it is soul nourishment too. (Forgive me for paraphrasing Thomas.) So, I'm with Allegra, tend to your soup, share your pics with us. So glad the acupuncturist is doing good work for you, Yea!

  6. I have taken these comments to heart as much as your post.

    and I have a lentils simmering ...
    and squash roasting in the oven,


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