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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Farm & Fawn

I have been busy with another endeavor. Face Book finally reeled me in. I know, I said I was breaking up with Face Book, but they went and added a farm page to my profile and I could not bear to leave it empty. So I have been busy uploading photos. I could probably spend half a year just doing that. If you want to look at my handiwork, here is the link. It's a 'Fan' page so anyone can see it. So much to do, so little time!
Worlds End Farm

We have a guest. He looks to be a weanling white tail without his dam or the herd.

He has been living in the spruce tree line to the west of the house. I took these photos through the window as he was munching berries from the vines. He does not seem inclined to leave, so I broke down and put hay out for him last evening. I don't want to encourage him, but he is young and alone and this is a very tough winter. So now I have something else to worry about.

It's a cold day, well below zero with the wind. I have a lot of catching up to do inside, so I need to stay off the computer and get to it. Really, I do.


  1. Oh cute!! Please, keep him warm...

  2. He is beautiful isn't he. What a gift to be able to observe him so well.

  3. How beautiful that little one is. I hope he finds some company and doesn't need to rely upon you.

    Stay warm and cozy!

  4. I love that you're over-seeing that little guy! and I can't wait to see your farm pictures!

  5. Beautiful little deer! Love the shot of him reaching up to nibble that vine. It has indeed been a tough winter for those guys. Will check out your FB page!

  6. He was strutting around one of the paddocks yesterday afternoon. I watched him slip through the fence easily enough, so now I know he can get to the water tanks. I'll put some alfalfa out for him later. I don't know if the can eat horse feed, so I won't risk making him sick. I need to go out later for my needle appointment, so I'll pick up some corn.


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