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Thursday, January 13, 2011

That Sound You Hear

 Is My Head Exploding.

I'll make this brief.

Sarah Palin's self-serving whine about how she is unfairly picked on should cement in any rational persons' mind that she is a narcissistic opportunist who either has no idea what 'blood libel' is, or she is so warped as to believe herself as persecuted as the Jews upon whom the blood libel was perpetrated.

Either way, she is one miserable individual.


  1. the problem is that there are a lot of people listening to FOX and Glen Beck and all the other crazies with radio shows and they BELIEVE THEM.
    It's like brainwashing, I think.

    Yes, she's nuts.

  2. She is crazy. I said it from the first time she came on the national radar. Classic narcissist. I love this tweet I read about her:

    Palin is feeling unjustly blamed for the actions of an extremist. Maybe she can ask Muslims for advice on how to deal w/ that

    Mostly though, I wish she would just shut up and go away. But she is surrounded by the fawning voices of her celebrity cult and they fuel her ego and her mission, whatever the hell it is. I take solace from her whining knowing her untimely rhetoric has damaged her political capital a great deal.

    Bandage your poor head up and let's hope her candle burns out soon. Hope your aches and pains are better.

  3. Amen! She is so self-absorbed and self-righteous she has no points of comparison to realize how profoundly ignorant she is. That term 'blood libel' was put in her remarks for her - she has no idea of their origins and every time she opens her mouth she exposes her vapidity.

    If a student in a university put out a pamphlet with teachers or students singled out in cross-hairs - they would be expelled and reported to the police. Yet these self-serving ego-maniacs on the right (Beck, Limbaugh) are allowed to spew their violent metaphors and incitations with impunity. Why are such incindiary, violent, specifically targeted comments not considered hate crimes?

  4. Life: I agree with you. Brainwashing, and also reinforcement and credence given to bigotry and intolerance.

    Mel: I think she is frightening. I think they are all scary and I don't know what will happen. I would like to think they will run their course, but I think not.

    Bonnie: Vapid. Yes, that is it. It is not considered hate speech because it is profitable. That is the standard we live by.

  5. You've got that so right! Unfortunately, she is not going to go away. She has some opinion of herself and her abilities...needs a good reality check. Beck, Rush and she deserve each other. They are all so insensitive to the truth...just keep repeating themselves hoping more people will believe their crap.

  6. I think she is the epitome of mediocrity. Who was it that defined evil as mediocrity? In any case, I wish that we could freeze her out by not even mentioning her. Wouldn't that be nice? Like she disappeared in a poof.

  7. I agree Lori, she's around for the long haul. A media created monster.

    Elizabeth: I think it was Nietzshe. He believed mediocrity could not be overcome. I think, looking at the darlings of the right, that he was correct. The media likes her too much to ignore her, so she is inflicted upon us.


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