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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Orchids & Other Matters

My mother sent me an orchid for my birthday. I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. I somehow need to keep it alive.

I had pins in me yesterday. It did not hurt, I'm so pleased to say. As a matter of fact, acupuncture releases a sense of wellbeing while laying there stuck with needles.

There is a phenomenon that I recognize, when those who dwell in the world of people and life in a community experience and express through facial reaction, upon coming into contact with those of us who live in a completely different, um, reality. Watching the face has become a pass time of mine, sort of an out-of-body experience. I believe the acupuncturists were actually considering triage.

The very gentle, kind woman looked me in the face and tried to stay even in her tone as she told me: "Your body is freaking out". The young man sat so solemnly next to me and told me chronic problems are hard enough to help, but that I was acute. He looked so unhappy. I wanted to sooth them, tell them that it's OK, I know.

I am a stoic person, someone who somehow can keep going. I don't say this with pride, it's nothing to crow about. It brings a person to the place I am at. That is not a place to be. But it is very much a trait of people who are professionally in the business I have hung my hat on. A horse sends you flying and you get up with several cracked ribs and no one around....well you get up, clutching your side and you continue to bring them in, you throw hay down the chute, feed and water and then go in and wrap your torso. It really becomes the normal thing, something that is not given much thought. Something hurts, tape it, wrap it, medicate it, whatever. It is a matter of time before the body freaks out.

There is a price for everything and my bill has been presented. It seems my body is demanding payment in full. All of those things which seemed normal and rational at the time come around later for a visit. A long visit.

Bette Davis was so right when she said something about getting old not being for sissies. Once upon a time, I was Wonder Woman. Now, I'm simply a woman wondering "What the hell."

The good news, they think they can help me. I think so too. So I will behave and let them.


  1. I feel so good about this for you, Sandra. On so many levels, this will be good. I just know it.

  2. I'm glad it didn't kill you. Didn't hurt did it?

    WB is in pain constantly and I just want to help him. Don't make me worry about you too!!!

  3. lol We you live in a place without drs [as we did for many years] elastaplast is your best friend. If your not actually bleeding to death I don't want to know. Deal with it. Unfortunately, as you say, the bill eventually gets presented with payment wanted in full. If I ignore mine do you think it will go away?

    Glad the pins are working. ☺

  4. I heard the same thing by the doctor that finally diagnosed me.

    I hope the accupuncture helps! Is it something you wuold notice immediately or are several sessions needed to feel some relief?

  5. Oh, I laughed on reading, a woman wondering what the hell! Too funny Sandra. So glad acupuncture went well for you. I know that there are different types and some practitioners are better than others...sounds like you found a good one.

    The orchid is gorgeous, I love it as I'm sure you do too.

  6. Elizabeth: so do I.

    Queen: didn't hurt at all. Don't worry about me, you have your hands full already.

    Ganeida: I always have supplies on hand for the horses and often have used them to treat myself. Even the horses got acupuncture before I did! You may want to consider giving it a try. To help pay the bill on your body.

    gsc: I felt worse the first day. Actually was sick. I think it moves stuff around and shocks the system a bit. It is recommended I come in 3 x wk, but I can't this or next week. I am going twice. I am told I will still get better if I don't come as often, but it will take longer. I want it not to take longer! This is inflammation and acupuncture is very successful in treating that.

  7. OOPS, Deb! I think the orchid is beautiful, but I seem to kill house plants. : )

  8. I'm so glad that you are taking steps to heal.
    When I hurt my back this summer I ended up "having" to go to physio, which I don't know, some part of me doesn't believe in or something. It made a world of difference, shifting around endorphins and forcing me to stretch and gain back the range of motion I was slowing letting go .
    After a few sessions I bowed out though. I'm basically better. Not the same. Stubborn .

    the orchid is so very gorgeous. I enjoyed them while I worked in a greenhouse but never bought one.

  9. deb: I'm now old enough to not be so stubborn. It is paying me back in a big way! Don't do to yourself what I have done to me. It's harder to climb out as you get older. Since we are Jan. 10 sisters, I feel I can offer my advice.

  10. I am so glad it was a positive experience for you and with that will come healing.

    I love orchids...the flowers last soooo long. Since it is flowering keep it out of direct sunlight and give it a drink once a week (don't keep it wet). Easy breezy!

  11. Thanks for the tip Judy. It really is beautiful.

  12. Orchids are beautiful! I am a confessed indoor plant killer, but I have two orchids. I know you can do it! I have always wanted to try acupuncture. I have neighbors that are loyal followers.


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