Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh Deer

He is still here. I have not seen him for awhile and hoped he found a herd to join. I looked out my office window to see him pawing at the ground. I thought he was digging to get at the grass, but he was making a little nest for a nap. After about an hour snooze, he got up and snacked along the tree line for a couple of hours. He looks like he is doing well. He sure is cute. And he scares my dogs.

It will be a moderate day in this frozen land. I wish I could look forward to spring, but to those of us with livestock it just means mud. Boot sucking, tendon popping mud. I hope this little guy finds his way by the time the flowers sprout. I really do not want to share my gardens with him for his dinner.

I need to get about my day. It should be so much easier, now that I know the state of our union is strong.


  1. And now you believe in Santa Claus?
    Salmon. That's it. Salmon. And the always erudite and thoughtfully researched facts from Michele Backwards,sorry, Backmann, of course. I need a drink, too bad I cannot have any for now.

  2. Oh how I hate it that she is from Minnesota. I also believe in the Tooth Fairy. It sure is good to have you well again. I'll have two drinks, since you're not drinking.

  3. oh, mud season. That puts winter in perspective. I needed that today. Thanks for your beautiful images and your lovely words...the state of our union feels a bit stronger...a bit, anyway.

    Don't rush getting back to work...I'd watch this deer all day!

  4. I am not looking forward to mud season here either. Nothing worse than a thaw and refreeze. Beautiful deer photos. Looks like he is home.

  5. Baby was around again today. He really is very cute. Until he ponders my roses.


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