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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ramblings On A Cold Morning

So, it is over and life can resume its normal flow. I normally don't put too much effort into the season, but did this year for my mother's benefit. I have to say, I'm very happy to be done with it.

It's below zero this morning. A bright, crisp day ahead. I enjoy the sunshine, but clear skies always bring in the cold. I guess there is a tradeoff in life. For sure in this frozen place.

I had the pleasure of company for lunch yesterday: a friend who had the day off. This is such a rare happening for me and was a very welcome diversion. Living in the country and not working away from home leaves me in a position of being in my own company too much. I feel like the guest who won't leave, too much of just me! It was great to see my friend and spend a couple of hours in someone else's company.

Well, as is obvious, there is not much going on in life. I have limited my intake of politics, as I was becoming despondent. My state, in the infinite wisdom of the voters, gave us a good Democratic governor and a Republican legislature. Our Republican governor of the past eight years has left us with a 6.2 billion dollar deficit and a decimated infrastructure. He had a real liking for cutting and his favorite target was the poor. Of course, he is a good Christian Man, as he was Born Again. At times I would like to believe there is a god, because if there is, these awful frauds would get their due. I could write a very long piece on my attitude toward the Christian Right, but I think I will not. Let me just say, Minnesota is broke, financially and morally. Our new governor will not have much luck in turning it around. So the beat goes on. And I try not to dwell on what I cannot control.

Enough unorganized ramblings for now. I need to go out into the cold and turn the beasties out for the day. They don't mind the cold and don't care that I do. Bad beasties.

Good day to you all.


  1. Have I told yo how much I love the picture of Grace on your mashead! So much joy!

    Hopefully, the beauty and needs of those beasites will take your mind off the state of our society and fill you with child-like wonder at just having them in your yard (after you've recovered from the cold).

  2. I love your irony.

    Hang in there.

  3. It has been too wet to let my beasties out. One is now suffering serious cabin fever & the other is so spooked he may never set foot outside again. We barely put the tree up this year & I took it down New Year's Day. I have other fish that seriously need frying. Off to fry...

  4. gsc: Grace LOVES to run! The beasts are so thick with fur this time of year that I hug them a lot. It's like having a whole bunch of big plush toys.

    Elizabeth: When I was young my mother frequently told me I had a smart mouth. Later, it became ironic. Damned if I can tell the difference!

    Ganeida: Do you bread those fish? Sorry, could not help myself. : ) You have liquid water, I have the frozen type. I think frozen is easier, even if cold.

  5. lol I practically have fish swimming up to my door. All I know is it is messy round here...

  6. good ramble ...
    and you know. I think this was our best Christmas. Low low key and last minute and the best.

  7. deb: I have to say it was a very nice time for us as well. And I am glad it's over!


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