Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Friday, February 13, 2009

Food * Wine * Fun

Who has but once dined his friends, has tasted what it is to be Caesar.
Herman Mellville, 'Moby Dick' (1851)

So I managed to get away from the gulag last night for a lovely evening of white wine, Chicken Kiev and conversation.
Dinner in a restaurant on a week day is an ideal time to linger. We ate good food, drank good wine and laughed. I really needed to laugh because my current situation is so bad that I run the risk of becoming unbearable. I can do unbearable very well and would rather not.

Today is another day, but I feel better about life in general, at least at the start of the day! My unfortunate horses probably don't share my renewed spirit and that realization doesn't help my cause. If I could find another solution for their confinement, I would, but I don't see a way out in the foreseeable future. So we rotate and I tell them I'm sorry.

For about three hours I was able to forget everything that awaits my attention as we talked and laughed about nothing. Life usually offers its small blessings.


  1. if that was your actual chicken kiev, i can see why you're feeling better. it looked delicious!

  2. It's not, but the kiev was almost this good! I'm going to make the photo kiev, even though I shouldn't.

    My friend and I had so much fun it almost didn't matter what we ate. ALMOST. : )

    Time for a short lunch and back to the chain gang.

  3. I'm sorry you're doing it so tough. It's raining cat's & dogs in our neck of the woods which means I have to watch the cat like a hawk or he'll try & develop really bad habits because he does not like going out when it's wet.

    Good food, good wine & good company always makes the world look a better place. You should do it more often.

  4. Thank you. Better days are ahead, but I sure wish they would hurry along!

    Bad kitty. I have a bad dog, Gracie, who has to be watched closely when it rains. She doesn't like to go out in it either.

  5. I had a lovely time with friends last night too! I went to the expat ladies group night out and it was so fun to chat and catch up! I am becoming quite the social butterfly, it is easy for me to hole up and forget to be social : ) Glad you had a fun time! I also always love your quotes! : )


  6. Thanks Ashley. I always try to find something I like, so I'm glad someone else does too!

    You're too young to be holed up, I'm glad you are getting out with friends.

  7. Glad you had a great time and got out. Wine usually helps the mood. ;)

  8. Susan, you and I think too much alike. Are we sisters separated at birth? Can't be, I guess. I'm too old. : ) You know my friend Jeni from MWHT. She has become a good and fun friend.

  9. Yes! Good company, good wine and good food. This combination has a way of instantly transporting us to good times.


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