Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's Thinks

I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.
Oscar Wilde

This is Howard with his thoughts. He is a very deep thinker. Really. 

So I have been thinking. Last night when I went to bed I had so much to write about. And I have forgotten all of it. It's very frustrating. I think I need to do brain exercises. What if I found out my brain is in the same condition as my body........stiff and inflexible. My mother used to use a phrase 'fat head', do you think my brain, as my body, could be fat?

I think about exercise. That's what I do, think about exercise. Then I have a bowl of ice cream and ponder the state of the world. I think about getting up on a horse. If thinking were riding I would be very fit.

We are supposed to have a lot of snow today, so I think I will work the knots out of the horse's manes. I think I will be able to accomplish this. Unless I decide to blog surf instead. That would be a bad decision, so I think I had better not make it. I think I'm getting office chair butt from sitting at a computer too much. I do believe I'm turning into one of those people and I think that is not a good thing. My life is messy around me as I sit at my lovely Mac typing and reading.  I need to exercise discipline. I need to exercise my brain. I need to exercise my body. It's exhausting to contemplate, so what will it feel like doing it.

I have stopped consuming politics as a steady diet. I was regularly swearing like a sailor. I think I need to moderate myself.

I'm really grateful that the horses have been able to be outside again. I think we, the horses and I, were on our way to a form of insanity, so we got the snow just in time. I know I need to get up from my chair and get to work. I have a lot in common with Howard. I can be a blob on a chair just like him. My ears haven't gotten quite that big, not yet, but my nose is well on its way. Ever since I found out cartilage continues to grow I've wondered if I will become Howard. It's said people look like their dogs. I certainly don't resemble Grace or Atlas, so ........., oh well. 


  1. i think it's something about this week. something in the air or the alignment of planets. something that's creating a great inertia...i too have been thinking about many things but doing very few of them. some weeks are like that. :-)

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone. I did get the barn cleaned and a few knots pulled. I'm heading back out to work on the rest of the manes. We are having a beautiful snowfall, the barn is warm and the sound of crunching hay is as pleasant as anything I can think of. I guess it's not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

  3. Methinks you think too much ; It creates this Paralaysis of the mind wherein amongst all the choices one can no longer choose.One definitely shouldn't think about politics unless one has an extensive & unusual vocabulary. French is wonderful to swear in. It sounds so much....ruder! With the distinct advantage, unless you are actually in France of course, that no~one has the least idea of what you are talking about. We dispose of tellemarketers this way {sorry, not by swaering at them]; we answer the phone in foreign languages & mess with their heads. Ditz does German, I do French but no~one answers in English. And has anyone informed Pinocchio yet that the length of his nose is due to cartilage, not to telling porki pies? I think I don't have enough to occupy my mind this morning. I will stop driveling at you & go away. No~one here washed up yesterday because I was not home but they cooked. They cooked a lot. Ditz even baked. *sigh*

  4. You did succeed in making me laugh Ganeida! I'm only fluent in English (sort of), but I know how to swear in a couple of languages. One of them is French. I think it sounds lovely. : ) I can use some rather evil Yiddish words and that has the guttural quality of German. Definitely doesn't sound nice.

    Baking and cooking sounds nice.

  5. And I have too much to occupy my mind with lately, I am constantly looking for an escape. We are in the same type of boat.

    The snow will be good for you, but it has messed up my day entirely.

    I wish I could swear in other languages, I'd swear often.

  6. Sometimes the mind needs to wonder to find order. Let it go, you will come back around. Our mind works with or without us forcing it....


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