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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ice Dancing

The horses and I have become ice dancers! It's been a real adventure for us to navigate the ice and it's come down to arena turnout only. That's a lot of maneuvering when there are 27 of them and I can only put 2 -3 out at a time. And of course we have the special needs of the stallions to consider. Whew! I'm tied to this place as long as this continues, which looks like no end in sight anytime soon.

I did the above move twice yesterday. The ice was covered in water from rainfall the night before, making it really hazardous. I had a neighbor die last year from slipping on the ice and hitting his head, so I have become a little skittish about it.

An old TV commercial keeps playing in my head; Calgon, take me away. Mark asked me what I would do if I didn't have the indoor arena. I told him I'd tell him I was going into Mound and never come back! I think he believed me.


  1. Maybe there are boots or things that you can put on the bottom of boots that help with ice? Like metal studs or something.

    Or maybe I need to quick go invent this.

  2. There are. Susan M. has told me about them, but I never followed through. Story of my life. It's been quite a day, I would not have been available. : ) Hope you had fun with the horses.

  3. I was going to invest in a pair of those grippy things you fasten to your shoes/boots and even investigated them on Ebay (the name escapes me). But, of course, I did not get to the point of actually buying them!

  4. Stay safe!
    I saw some yax trax or something like that for the boots at the thrift store last summer and had them in my cart. Then I put them back, penny-pincher that I am. They were only like $5 then...
    Sounds like I'm gonna wish I had them now...

  5. You should have bought them. : )


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