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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vanity, Thy Name Is Sandra

There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it.
Mark Twain

I have been very successful at concealing it, but it's still there. I let my hair go gray in 2006, and I will say I have beautiful gray hair. But it is gray and gray hair does make you look older. 

I was able to leave the gulag today and had my hair cut. The stylist told me if I wanted to, I could put temporary color in my hair, that it will wash out in 6 weeks. So I did. It's much lighter than my natural color was, but it's a change from gray. My gray is a beautiful steel color and I'm glad I was a dark haired person, I don't have mousey gray hair. But it's sort of fun to have some color and know I don't need to keep it.

A change brings a lightness to my heart, which has been missing for awhile. It won't make life any easier, it won't melt the ice or get the horses exercise. It does make me smile when I see a different 'me' in the mirror. I won't do this for a long time, but it was a pleasant lift during a rather miserable time, so I'm all for it.

And it's great fun when someone sees me and is startled! It's also good to know my lovely gray hair is under there when I decide I want it back.


  1. Oh the fabulous wonders of what a visit to the salon can do for a person!

    I'm glad you went and did that - not your hair, you have great hair. But going in and getting pampered, even for a few hours, people need that every now and then. Especially you with the hell of a horse farm you have right now.

    I am farm sitting for the cutting trainer the first week in March while they go on a cruise (they won a cruise). I'll be sharing your hell then I'm sure.

  2. I hope not! I am hoping for either snow or melting. It's got to change soon. I got out of prison for awhile because I had to leave them in. I have tendon damage on my right wrist and I couldn't grasp a lead rope today. I have been icing my wrist, as well as resting it. Mark is kind enough to feed this afternoon. I have a brace, but it wasn't helping at all today. Hopefully the inflammation will be down some tomorrow.

    I have lost over a foot of hair since Nov.!

  3. Enjoy your new look. Sorry to hear about your wrist, though.

  4. Good for you. I find making a change in my appearance gets more difficult the more years I get under my belt. I am soooo stuck in a rut. I hope I get to see your hair. (Counts on fingers---6 weeks = 42 days.....) I actually may be going to Victoria soon.

  5. It's easy to get stuck. I've always used my hair as a way to change. It always grows, so there are multiple changes to be had in various cuts. Where I get stuck is when it gets long enough to pull back. Then I stay there too long. Long hair and an aging face do not flatter one another!


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