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Friday, February 20, 2009

Oi, Gevald!

Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle.
Bob Hope

Anyone of a certain age probably knows this, but as I have grown older, certain body parts have grown larger. I've noticed my nose is bigger, my feet are bigger and the sockets have deepened around my eyes!

I understand why my butt is bigger, why I don't have a waist and why I have chipmunk cheeks. But how does a nose get larger. My helper Deb told me cartilage doesn't stop growing. Great. My spine compresses and makes me shorter and my nose and ears can keep growing until I end up looking like one of the seven dwarfs.

I think I need something to eat.


  1. Maybe that is why we start to appreciate inner beauty more as we age - it is a defense mechanism ;)

    Glad to be back here again in your little corner of the bloggy world.

  2. I heard ears continue to grow, but I hadn't heard about the nose...

  3. I like that Jules. I'm going to go with it, my inner beauty!

    I really noticed the nose after I had my hair colored. I have a Mac, which has a camera. I was trying to take a photo to post, but I had too much glare on my glasses. Then I started to notice my generous nose had become even more generous! I had tried a couple of photos w/o glasses and saw eyes rather deeply set. : )

    Inner beauty, yeah that's what I have.


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